Better Than A G-Shock?! (My Thoughts On The New Seiko Digital Tunas!)

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Rating: 4.34

  1. Onkar Indurkar says

    Click bait disliked.

  2. jamesccart says

    What's that fluffy thing on you're polo shirt lol

  3. Peter says

    Hell yeah I want one it’s a seiko so it’s got to be good

  4. neletg says

    I love Seiko and Citizen Eco-drive watches, but In my opinion Casio G-Shock have an unbeatable quality-price relationship.

  5. Usman latif Dogar says

    Why sbbn 031 isnt on seiko web pages? Can anyone explain to me with little detail

  6. Penero says

    My problem with this watch is that I ve been spoiled with 100 dollar watches that are much more functional and 300 dollar watches (apple) that the seiko can't complete with. For 300 dollars these days, every digital watch should have a fitness tracker. i love the design but its not worth the money.

  7. Bruce Koehler says

    So do you find yourself using it instead of a G-Shock or just differently…and off topic but have you reviewed the Seiko samurai?

  8. Kuki Peter says

    That seiko is dog shit.Get a frogman (the gwf 1000) or a gulfmaster.The seiko is also made in China.A diver with a negative display is maximum stupidity.There is no negative display frogman

  9. NYCR says

    please give the link, about this watch.

  10. Kal Val says

    For that price id rather get a triple sensor Watch. Also it has bad legibility at an angle and tye light sucks

  11. RejZoR says

    Jory, can you help me out please? I'm trying to find Digituna on bracelet, but I can't find it anywhere. This guy had it so it has to exist somewhere but I can't find it: All the models with his number have cheap straps and I don't like that.

  12. Tactical63 says

    Is the shroud metal or plastic?

  13. Maverick Watch Reviews says

    Great review brother. The watch is a pass for me due to the negative display and size but great looking otherwise.

  14. Informed citizen says

    Will it have atomic time keeping like the G-Shock?

  15. 2fast2block says

    I'm no watch collector but it's weird how I like to read and listen to watch reviews. This channel has good reviews. Like anyone, I had a variety of watches over the years, some cheap and some "good" ones. For the last 2 years I've worn a digital $12 watch which still works great. I recently got a job as a school bus driver in my semi-retirement and one of the fellow drivers is a watch collector. His good watches are GOOD, not my good. Anyway, after getting about 4 previous new watches from Amazon that I didn't like after receiving them so I returned them, I got a GG1000 Mudmaster and really like it. In the 2 weeks of having it, it only has gained a half a second. That is accurate! That digital Tuna sure looks nice. I won't buy it because the Casio is enough for me, but it looks good and look forward to the review.

  16. dave g says

    I may just have to get this.

    I have a 7 inch wrist…this is probably much too big but I just don't care.

  17. Daniel Ross says

    Any update on a release date?

  18. Zikki Zidan says

    you know what stinks, whe you down have the actual watch but still make a video ,,,seriously man!!!

  19. Aditya Sundar says

    The Pro Treks of Casios have been doing this for ages and at considerable lower prices . Does this offer any benefits over a Pro Trek?

  20. jhvghjgjkhlihli says

    nothing is better than a gshock

  21. Nassiem Al-sheikh says

    AND NOW REVIEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Mohd Razali says

    Protrek forever

  23. Charles Carr says

    I dunno. It looks wicked (would look amazing on an olive drab NATO imo), but it's a bit behind the curve tbh. My G-Shock that I got for the equivalent of about $80 has solar, radio control (which is a REALLY nice feature to have), a countdown timer (very useful), and nice little touches like the screen automatically lighting up when you lift it to look at it. Frankly, looks aside, it seems a bit limited for the price.

  24. BIll Varas says

    G-Shock Frogman goes for 400-500 USD, so for ~300 USD and it is a Seiko Tuna, why the hell  not?

  25. Samuel Paul says

    I'm sooooooo getting one!!!

  26. Fithriandy Kurniawan says

    Your analog tuna,,is it quartz??

  27. T CHAN says

    I was trolling in a couple of the Japanese online stores the other night and found out that all Digital Tuna models were already sold out! What a bummer! May be Seiko will issue another batch later on this year, I would hope!

  28. debendra gurung says

    doesnt look nice and doesnt look rugged. Whats the deal?

  29. James Tom says

    I have been waiting for seiko to get back into digitals ever since they stopped production on their silver wave or sports 100 solar powered digital watches, they were the bomb…

  30. SH I says

    Looks like a Seiko had an affair with a cheap Timex…10 months later….this is their bastard son…..No thx.

  31. Romi Farooqi says

    Who the fuck sending you billion msgs

  32. 1986mrcrj says

    Where can I order that watch from? I'll take that over all my G-Shock.

  33. Alberto Genato says

    They look great! I just hope they make a smaller version

  34. MeanNastyBasterd says

    Good looking watches, but the only one to take on a combat deployment is a G-Shock. GD-100 and GW-4000 are all I need.

  35. RaiderMike619 says

    Really? Shit is wack! Can’t touch gshock! Just plain ugly!

  36. ivanovalx says

    Vote for SEIKO Prospex Fieldmaster DIGITAL on Massdrop to bring it to US!

  37. Bruce says

    I will wait for seiko salmon

  38. IAF7 says

    Better than G. I don't think so. Looks the quad band sensor Gulfmaster or new GPS Rangeman.

  39. Moosa Hans says

    The only downside is the name TUNA ? Like who names a watch after a fish couldn’t they think of something else ?

  40. Dan Bravo says

    So basically it’s a G-SHOCK gpr 1000 without the gps capability. Sounds like this watch is the poor red headed cousin.

  41. Anson Tsugawa says

    Ok, you convinced me I needed one, and I pre-ordered a sbep007…now the hard part, waiting until early June!!!

  42. 刘Michael says

    I hope they could consider make more titanium watches. I thought there is too much weight in stainless steel.

  43. David Edwards says

    They look great, I recently lost my Suunto Observer which I had for about 13years and loved, that looks like it might fit in the same place in my life.

  44. Tal 3 says

    I’m in!!!

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