How To Be A Freediver

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How To Be A Freediver
How to be a scuba diver –
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Freediving is growing in popularity rapidly and many scuba divers are crossing over to it as well as it can help your scuba diving too. But how does one become a freediving apneist? It’s not a simple as just throwing your scuba gear on but leaving your cylinder at home… So in this video, we’re going to take a look at how to become a freediver.
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Rating: 4.89

  1. Simply Scuba says

    Have you seen our video how to be a scuba diver? If not here's the link –

  2. Keefer Jaylo says

    under rated video, and is verified. yup-a-doo.

  3. NukeSpartan27 says

    i’m learning to free dive now but i’m not going to any diving center. i’m being taught by my cousin and his buddy. they’ve been free diving for years now

  4. Sheep Entertainment says

    Was that DALLMYD footage at the end?

  5. Eddie Adventure says

    I'm sick of freediving hogging up all the scuba sites these days. IT IS NOT S.C.U.B.A.!! Hippies hijacking this sport too, I see. Not much left……

  6. mik3ydll says

    you could also do dynamic in the pool 😉

  7. kodiak7 says

    You do this video days after an Australian freediver died in less than a 4 meters.

  8. sameer mohideen says

    Put some rubber ducks and rubber fish in the bath…….with a little bit of imagination you can fool yourself into thinking you’re in the ocean.

  9. Ziad J. Khalaf says

    what a fun video!

  10. william marshall says

    First like yay!

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