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Dumpster Diving Big Box Stores. Big Hauls, Big Money.Bed Bath and Beyond, Ulta,Petco,Pet Smart,Dollar Tree,CVS,Party City, Just about any Store you Can Think of.

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  1. maggie mae charfauros says

    7:30 a.m here and I'm at it again.. Lol. Drinking my coffee and watching your videos! 🙂

  2. Laura James says

    Good going on your sales

  3. Goodwitch Hunting says

    I like when they dump privately owned stuff, as you might find items worth decent money, what comes to mind is I found 2 nice fur throws, gave one to daughter, faux fur, sold other for $50 on ebay and originally, it came from target for about $25, so it shows there's money to be made all over, just have to look for it.

  4. JPVideos says

    Please wear some gloves when doing this,

  5. Mika Blevins says

    If you Don't want the broken vacuum I know I can fix it!

  6. Charlotte Clark says

    Great Dumpster Haul

  7. Sherry Saffle says

    The cage is for cards at a party like wedding baby shower stuff like that

  8. Jenny Stapleton says

    Just checking in with you. Its been two days. Hoping you're out having fun and nothing is wrong.

  9. Shonas says

    Love how everything is "stuff"… All those calendars can be used just for the pics too! I really love watching you!!

  10. Jennifer Messer says

    Check it out you're almost at 5000 subs!!! How awesome is that!!!

  11. Christy Whitehead says

    Enjoyed the videos love you very much I don’t get out of the house very much anymore so it’s nice to see God bless you

  12. Donna Lovelass says

    The wire basket is a card holder like for weddings parties ect.

  13. wandabrian says

    Poor scrappy..someone dumping their stuff in his house

  14. wandabrian says

    Give calendars to a school or someone that does crafts to use the pics if you want a home for them

  15. Star A says

    I LOVE that set of pink mugs you found!!! I’ll buy them from you if you don’t have use for them 🙂

  16. Shirley Ethier says

    Wow you did amazing. So happy to see you making great sales for all your hard work. I really liked that sleep therapy. You are just amazing, you a fixer upper kinda man. It's wonderful to see you getting all the products working majority of the time. You did wonderful. Have a wonderful evening my friend. Thanks for the great video.

  17. Karen Eicher says

    I love everything you got especially the vintage looking light.If i lived closer i would buy it from ya.Great video Scrap Dog.Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  18. LeeAnn Nicolaus says

    Loved the show playing on your TV when you sold the first pan! It's one of my FAVORITES!!!!!<3 Scrap It Up!

  19. Shirley Marlin says

    You fond a awesome haul i don't get why did they throw all of these Calendars away for they are for this year it's a shame

  20. Dawn Sanchez says

    I understand u do need rest

  21. Dawn Sanchez says

    I woke up this morning to see if u had a new video and i didnt see one


    That metal box is a Christmas decoration you put Christmas lights in and the Retro series Popcorn maker NOT Ketro.

  23. Hummerfan says

    Oh, yes, and you can put the plants right in the ground with those cardboard receptacles. They will compostin the ground.

  24. Hummerfan says

    Think of all the wonderful pictures in those calendars!

  25. hxlp.lennon says

    good job and thank you for grabbing stuff!

  26. hxlp.lennon says

    people could use the calender pictures for posters and recycle or reuse the stuff like why throw them out

  27. cleo grant says

    hi scrapdog ..this might seem like a weird request to you but i was wonder if you could send me a personalized autograph picture of your self to me..i am willing to pay you for the picture and the postage..if you could message me on facebook id give you my mailing address.i go by rooster grant on facebook and it is a picture of me sitting on a chair giving the finger lol. i am trying to get my favorite dummpster divers autographed pics to hang in my living room,,i understand if your uncomfortable doing this and i completely understand if you dont want to,,but i will definatelly continue to watch ur videos..tia

  28. konalis808 says

    Hi Frank! Great video again! Wow what a haul! Those dog bowls are great. I have 5 dogs, three I inherited from family. Lol anyway the dogs love those watering bowls. Oh and I think that pretty box you were asking about might be for wedding cards?

  29. Charlotte Sanfilippo says

    your so lucky to do aldi everyday! I got kicked out of mine 🙁 will email you later

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