1. XtremeMurr720 says

    HOW That would be so easy

  2. Arun Bains says

    My boy

  3. owen buchan says

    for fuck sake a used ti jump of higher bridges wen a was 13

  4. Mr Krabs says

    People saying it’s not that high but when you are in that position it is fucking terrifying

  5. PrinXe says

    What is the background music called?

  6. PuRe says

    did this shit when i was 10

  7. H Nguyen says

    SAS is the best of the Best SF. Insane trainings and push the human will to the limit. This reason they are the best of the Best.

  8. Mikey Drum says

    Is this a joke ?

  9. Graham Doherty says

    If someone asked me would I do it YES I would you only live once if u do it no one can take it away from u FEAR is just a word

  10. Rokas S says

    In real SAS training there would be people in the water drowning you after you jump

  11. lyx says


  12. IRON MADE says

    Ant Middleton is a real inspiration….salute to him a real motivator

  13. Adam Smythe says

    This show has been dumbed down with Multicult bullshit

  14. Matt s says


  15. mad4tarmac says

    building site is tougher then this,lost many good men in the trenches pouring concrete…young Johns wellingtons are still sticking out of the foundation where he fell,we got ambushed by the dole officers and health and safety,I wake up at night screaming getting flashbacks of the block layer dropping his bacon roll right in a fresh barrow of mortar,only me and a young Polish guy escaped,he still does not understand what happened that day he just ran when he saw us running,I aint got the heart to tell him,some say he still shows up at the site gates clutching his lunch box…poor guy.

  16. Graham Doherty says

    That’s something ad love to try

  17. BLue-Orb says

    He did it like a pussy hole

  18. Clare Hill says

    Looking forward to watching this series !

  19. ExoTic says

    Honestly I could easily do this I have the mind to do this but I’m not sure about the physical part of being a good fighter maybe if I do join the army when I’m old enough I will learn to become a great fighter

  20. King Tuncel says

    BIG MO, my g

  21. Cool Broseph says

    Noob, didn’t even 720 no scope

  22. SpoonAGoon says

    I would fucking love to even attempt trying SAS training but I suffer with amblyopia which limits me.

  23. touchin mahself says

    Which SAS is this for? the Special Autism Society? coz it definitely aint for Her Maj's, or the Regiments…. lame fake TV show….

  24. Jared Tansley says

    Haha what a pussy had to prey before a jump lol "Weak"

  25. FUTBOL says

    So much respect for the soldiers

  26. Max J says

    wtf?? it is just so easy… looks like he dont have any motivation to do that… just wtf man?

  27. Sylver Blitz says

    just fooking do it.

  28. MR.i. playgames says


  29. elitedonk says

    Shit effort.

  30. Fabian Brown says

    Shame he didn't die.

  31. Fabian Brown says

    1:30 GROSS

  32. Omar سلوم says

    He's a Muslim

  33. Jerry Henderson says

    As a muslim I pray 5 times a day.
    Wow, is this filmed in Pakistan or what?

  34. Abal_ says


  35. Sasykin S says

    Pity the losers who believe this fuckin show is real.

  36. blaine delaney says

    It's not even that high

  37. kcincoffey says

    i have a feeling in the actual sas they would laugh at you and probably push you in

  38. iISnowyy says

    trained to be slaves for the government in my eyes

  39. F Kaskar says

    Id smash these SAS challenges, is there going to be another season?

  40. Greg W says

    It's amazing me the amount of people who think this is real SAS selection. It's the members of the public doing a 9 day course for tv. The real thing is over 6-9 months with real soldiers and would not be filmed.

  41. Said Patrick Othmani says

    Great! Face your biggest enemy! THE fear! Great

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