How To Make A DIY Scuba Tank for Under $20 at Walmart!!

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This project turned out useful the only thing was we needed a lot heavier weights to be able to make the tank sink. Next time we will probably get a smaller tank so we don’t have to put so much weight. It was a pretty fun day latter in the day when I stopped recording I busted my head open on a rock trying to do a backflip and need up having to get 6 staples!! I’m all good now, don’t forget to like comment and subscribe so we can keep putting out content!

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  1. Boris says

    have fun drowning

  2. Up-a-Creek says

    OMG…. you are going to use a returned/re-taped pesticide sprayer as an air tank… I can't watch this after 0:50… hope you survived…

  3. Robbie McGill says

    scuba tanks operate at 3,000 psi and are filled with filtered medically pure compressed air using special lubricants to avoid toxic pollutants, I don't reckon your death machine is quite up to that, someone will think that this kamakaze kit is a cheap scuba kit and kill or injure themselves. IDIOTS

  4. gary gerard says

    I remember being much younger when I was that stupid

  5. ddaytona1 says

    i heard your voice and i loves you see you when your famous

  6. Mark Turney says

    The plastic you smell in that air you are breathing are CARCINOGENIC CHEMICALS.

  7. 471ll4 BG says

    Guys be careful when doing this. The weight from the water on top makes the air get more compressed, and when ascending the air will expand. If you breathe from the bottom of a five yard deep pool, when ascending the air in your lungs will expand and you can seriously injure your lungs and probably get killed. I am no scuba master, I'm not even certified(I'm 11).

  8. Digga says

    Darwin Award candidates.

  9. Dorian bullet boats says

    Bro it I tryed to make that it would come out costing 89$

  10. claude hendry says

    sorry man but yall sucked at that one… fo real do

  11. Sharp Edge Gaming says

    Why can't there be Taco Bell in Canada whyyyy

  12. Skull Fucker says

    you guys dont understand that to get really good results that container needs to be compressed at 3000-4500 PSI and that thing would turn into a barrel bomb if you try that . . how much time can you get from this thing like 2 minutes? lol

  13. Ingram091 says

    Their talking about 10 feet of water for crying out loud. I have played with this option myself but I got a larger sprayer from Amazon as well as a low pressure hooka regulator and hose to use with it. I also added a air pump tire valve so I could use an electric tire pump to get more air pressure. This will give you more like 15 mins in river depths and only a few mins to pump it back up if you use an auto tire pump. The regulator helps reserve air pressure better, and I left the tank float with a flag and small anchor and use a 15 foot hooka hose that came with the regulator… it works quite well with both manual and electric pumping…

  14. Nisse Von Gåslefver says

    Ets get some stupid wievrs dead by drowning.

  15. Kimber45 says

    These look like two guys you can trust with your life..

  16. E M says

    STOP if you can’t afford a tank DO NOT scuba dive this could kill you please don’t do this at home for your own safety xxx

  17. Prepper Partners says

    or u could just with and use the proper gear so u dont die….

  18. Bruce Jenner says

    make a shark bite proof suit and have that guy test it

  19. Master Memes says

    You should have it run through a valve

  20. CME says

    I'm breathing in the chemicals

  21. Crazy693scorpion says

    the first weight u put on it was a piece of metal bar filled with bolts and sealed with duct tape. dont want to be a hater but that wouldn't work because of the air trapped inside making it too buoyant. just a tip

  22. Grant Nelson says

    I tried it it doesn’t work

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