Found Ray Bans, Tusa Mask and Snorkel, Flask, Cash, Sunglasses in River!!! (River Treasure)

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Found Ray Bans, Tusa Mask and Snorkel, Flask, Cash, Sunglasses in River!!! (River Treasure)
In this video, I searched for river treasure as I floated on my inflatable mattress! I found a super pricey Tusa dive mask and snorkel combo, some Ray Bans, a liquor flask, a military ID card, and a bunch of other sunglasses, and a sunglasses case. My GoPro died toward the end of the trip, but I was able to turn it back on briefly to capture my last few finds of the day!

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Rating: 4.75

  1. johnmichael karma says

    hope those Ray Bans were in good shape they had a real nice style

  2. M P H says

    Wear gloves!!

  3. M P H says

    Wear gloves!!

  4. M P H says

    Wear gloves!!

  5. Howard Cline says

    Dude new to your YouTube, I like it bud

  6. Hazwan says

    Well never seen your video without you talking… What happened?

  7. Ilona Mikhov says

    Dude it’s seriously like watching a video game. If this was a video game I would play it…

    Can you make that happen?? Lmao!

  8. AjoGarang says

    No crocs or aligators?

  9. Donald Parlett jr says

    RayBan Wayfarers probably my favorite glasses.


    Nice video

  11. Logan says

    The one thing I hate is seeing all the garbage. Karma is for real. Half the people who lost stuff probably littered just moments before.

  12. Im Batman says

    i could fall asleep to this…… this video was a snore fest

  13. Oleg says

    Не одни мы Русские свои реки засираем

  14. OhioWolf94 says

    You remind me of a river version of the Little mermaid, always finding little treasures.

  15. Жорик Русанов says

    Я один здесь из рассии

  16. Carla Maria Madail says

    I would like to see you being greener.

    Collect what does not matter and put it in the trash, especially cans and bottles, not to mention the small appliances.

    It is very bad to take the trash from the bottom of the river, to throw it to the banks, this is not environmentally friendly and does not respect the environment very much.

  17. Kaitlyn Hooper says

    i really hope you don’t dive down somewhere and find a dead body..

  18. QKumber94 says

    Do u ever wonder what fish think of u? They must be like “that is a REALLY big frog”

  19. JK-DOPE says

    Pull out some of the trash sometimes, maybe you could have more subscribers

  20. Jessica Guerra says

    L love your video l like that you Return phone back to the people and some people don't l really want you're nice shirt and l suds crib to your channels

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