1. Samboide49 says

    As you described that you like to dive down with the mask, resurface and dive down again, unless you’re in very shallow water this can be a problem. In depths more than 2 feet down, the mask fills with pressure and you’re forced to resurface, so for up and down short sea-floor explorations I usually use my regular face mask and leave the full-face mask for surface snorkeling only. No nose dives!

  2. Blue Lantern says

    awesome review lads

  3. Quella L says

    Thanks for posting, would you like to try our 2019 newest snorkel mask? Contact me: quellal@yeah.net, thanks

  4. PinguBeChillin says

    can you breath completely underwater with this?

  5. Steve Kerr says

    Thanks for posting. Just returned from a snorkel trip and my wife saw these….now she wants one. This was a big help.

  6. steve evans says

    Thanks for posting this guys. ive never really been interested in snorkle, coz of the old style, the thought of water getting in whilst breathing, etc. but now this i have just come across, from searching when i saw similar advertised in a mail, the reviews on the different type are really appreciated. Cheers. !!!

  7. Jeanette Raichel says

    I've had a Snorkl brand for over 3 years. Love it! Too bad knock offs ran Snorkl out of business. I paid $175 for mine as there was only one other, Ninja, brand that was selling them

  8. ffrs1444 says

    these masks can kill Carbon Monoxide build up inside

  9. mario lee says

    Wowzers? Holy Inspector Gadget Penny

  10. Laura Smith says

    I got one for $10 something in amazon its onsale ay this moment https://amzn.to/2QFRLca
    (Amazon affiliate link) get it now before its gone

  11. Rita Motter says

    I saw your post about Riviera Maya in Mexico.. IMHO Mexico on the Caribbean side is not the best place to snorkel. I haven't been everywhere but of the places I have been, the Eastern and Southern Caribbean Islands are best in my opinion. The water near Mexico was murky and not as clear as I would have liked. We enjoy St. Thomas, St. Marten, and Grand Turk. Cabo San Lucas in Mexico had a lot of wildlife. We went whale watching there. Thank you for the review.

  12. chevysnfirst says

    Good to hear the Unigear is a good one! I go on my first cruise to the Caribbean next week and I bought one of these to take on the cruise!

  13. Road Runner says

    Fantastic review guys I need some of these for my holidays. Keep up the good work cheers

  14. Big M says

    Literally just took one on my holiday, worked fantastically well tbh. Really pleased and impressed

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