1. Hugo Potgieter says

    Its not 12 000 lumens, at best it's 5000 lumens. The product title is therefore misleading and unclear. The product specification however clearly says 5000 Lumens.

  2. Victor Hayes says

    You are good, thanks so much.Great to lisen to someone who knows what they are talking about. Do you think they are true 12000 lum. Would love to see your test underwater. thanks again. MASTER

  3. Cole says

    Did you use a third o ring? Mine came with one but it does not fit correctly. Not sure if it's required if you didn't use one.

  4. Bau Amis Spearfishing says

    Any sample please..

  5. Brett Kotheimer says

    Do you have any sample footage online shot using this light?

  6. Bachir Battache says

    Thanks for the review, did they perform well ?

  7. Mark Guccione says

    Have you had a chance to use the lights? And if yes… How did they perform?

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