PADI Buddy Check BWRAF PADI IDC & Divemaster Skill Circuit

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PADI Buddy Check BWRAF demonstrated step by step during the PADI Divemaster and Diving Instructor IDC course on Koh Tao in Thailand with Sairee Cottage Diving –

The PADI Buddy Check BWRAF is very important to learn for beginner divers and is still important to refresh for experienced divers. Every PADI diver should do a BWRAF Buddy Check before scuba diving to make sure there are no problems with the dive equipment and nothing is forgotten.

In real life we sometimes see people skipping the PADI BWRAF Buddy Check because they think they don’t need that anymore, and quite a lot of times they forget things. If someone forgets to wear their weight belt it will most likely be discovered when that diver wants to descent. Now he or she needs to go back to the boat or shore and ask for a new weight belt. This is not the end of the world, but it is a bit embarrassing.

Forgetting to check if the air from the scuba tank is opened correctly is a much more serious mistake to make and the diver can get seriously injured because of that. For this reason it is very important to always conduct a proper PADI Buddy Check before the dive following the BWRAF method and order.

BWRAF stands for:

-Weight belt
-Final OK

A great way to remember this is with: Begin, With, Review, And, Friends.

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  1. Chaos Theory says

    "Orally inflate each other's BCDs"

  2. Alexander Re says

    Check the air dump valves on the BCD?

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