Dodgy Scuba Diving Setups

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Dodgy Scuba Diving Setups
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Urgh, we never actually thought you guys would pick this video, it was just a bit of filler to make up a third choice but as per usual we underestimated you. Ok, when you first learn to dive you’re taught the right way to do things and the basics of how the equipment works. Only the very best Instructors will teach you about different kit configurations and how to set up your gear.

Now, this may be a little controversial and don’t take any of it personally if this is how you dive but maybe revisit your equipment configuration and reassess what each piece of kit is actually intended for and how it works.
You boys and girls out there have great freedom over what you use and how you use it but of course, there are some odd kit configurations out there and today we’re gonna look at some dodgy scuba diving setups.

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Written By: Mark Newman
Filmed By: Shaun Johnson
Edited By: Shaun Johnson

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  1. Ron Feulner says

    I totally misread the video title. Was expecting to see a setup for dogs to go scuba diving. Doggy (yes, I am from the US)

  2. tom thompson says

    agree with most of it , except the long octo hose ,,, long hose needs to be on the primary
    if you actually think in a real ooa situation your buddy is going to reach for an octo , your heads full of sweetie mice
    they will take your reg ,,, hence thats where you need a longer hose
    and you will be breathing off your octo , so its really better on the same side as your own primary reg if you can do it
    how do i know this …….. bitter experience.

  3. James Goddard says

    Is it possible to do something about arm position whilst diving. I see some people have them out like a bike rider, some ticked against their body and others holding them in like an O position . What's the best way to hold them and why? Hope that makes sence

  4. TheSollyLama says

    Another Craigslist shopper came in for a VIP and a hydro on a steel pony bottle because he had just gotten certified and was expanding his gear collection but another shop refused to fill it, being woefully out of date on both inspections. Inside the thing was just flaking with rust. Looked like they had stored salt water inside the thing. The threads were rusted badly, so we knew it had been stored without the valve even in it.

    we got another guy that got a real bargain on some ebay cylinders. Because they had just been officially removed from service. Forgot which brand and model it was now, but we had a big notice on the wall saying 'do not fill these cylinders anymore' and sure enough…he figured out just why they had been so cheap!

  5. TheSollyLama says

    "I just bought all this stuff from Craigslist, I want to get certified." I heard that so many times. Once the primary second stage had no internals. Nothing. It was just the plastic shell on the hose. Another guy wanted to get dry suit certified, and bought some ancient reg set off Ebay that only had three low pressure ports and the one high.
    Although I have to admit that when I first got my dry suit cert all I owned was a lightweight travel BC that wasn't remotely up to the task of all the lead I was using at first. It was so overloaded it self destructed after a couple dives. The instructor I got that cert from still jokes about it. It had the weight pockets bulging and nearly overcoming the clip and falling out, there were weights on the tank band, and even my ankles. It was a good amount of weight, but the BC just couldn't hold it so I had lead all over the place.

  6. Micheal Blackwell says

    I'm negatively buoyant. I only have weight for trim.

  7. whynottalklikeapirat says

    For the life of me I cannot understand how the country who produced the samurai, the exquisite artists and craftsmen, the great sushi chefs and so much more can continue to turn out one school of confused, horrid bait ball divers, after the next, shining and blinking and beeping and reflecting sharp colours, like fragments of some crashed star-craft … the instructor who tends to form the core of each cluster seems to always be the only one with some vague, idea of what he is doing – but with strange detachment … whilst those not busy orbiting and dangling expensive cameras and dive bling which they seem to have forgotten all about in the overall commotion, continuously crash into and claw and stomp their way around the reef, with their white whole foot rubber fins and their heart or dolphin shaped lead weights. And afterwards, on the boat, it's not about what you saw, as much as about how you would cook it …

  8. Bogy 1 Kinoby says

    DIR is safer. The longhose is much more safe and comfortable underwater.

  9. kochumay says

    I just got an eureka moment. I could not understand why my compass was acting weird during last navigation dive. It was because of the octo magnet.

  10. Pugwash Diver says

    Love it when some young, wet behind the ears wants to tell us that 27 years of diving and we've basically deep doing it wrong all this time. Get your magnetic regarding holder from Simply Scuba £20.50 from their website!!!

  11. sebastian says

    i love hearing shaun's voice in the background. makes the vids so much more fun

  12. Cthippo1 says

    So valve down is a thing? I like that thing. I'm way more used to SCBA for firefighting and so making it as similar as possible seems like a good idea. Plus, I like being able to reach my own valve.

  13. jackhigh says

    I actually use a magnet retainer for my octo and have never had issues with my compass.

  14. Yuriy D says

    I had to switch dive shops because a PADI instructor refused to allow me to use a 7' long-hose for finishing OW (I was Scuba att). Thankfully, my new instructor was much more understanding and actually listened to me when I explained what I was trying to do and why. Best setup, IMO.

  15. Yggdrasil42 says

    Haha! Well done. That long hose disclaimer… I agree though, while taking sidemount training we practiced various out-of-gas scenarios and a long hose was definitely an improvement, especially in a wreck.

  16. Audrius Stankunas says

    I wish to see behind the scenes video how You guys have a great time while recording videos 😀 btw nice video again. and also would be nice to see a bit more about DIR.

  17. Blaine Finn says

    I can’t wait. Next weekend I’m doing my pool dive for my RAID open water 20. I’ve finished all the theory and I’m so excited as it will be first time proper diving.

  18. omar Nawwab says

    Suicide clips

  19. Robadex says

    What length of hose would you see as appropriate for an octo?

  20. Emily G says

    Can you do a PADI tutorial

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