GTA Online Underwater Treasure – How Make Over $200000 An Hour After The Doomsday Heist DLC! (GTA 5)

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GTA Online Underwater Treasure – How Make Over $200000 An Hour After The Doomsday Heist DLC! (GTA 5)
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  1. Marco Duran says

    Griefers be like… Oh let me get my Stromberg

  2. Ethan Kiguli says

    I am will start at 6 and end at 12

  3. Ethan Kiguli says

    I am going to do that

  4. TianLulu says

    39k for 8min So bad

  5. Fordz says

    I can kill you swimming underwater. Stromberg.

  6. Tone Thomas says

    I will try this challenge and see if there is some truth to this

  7. TheGamingSpirit _ says


  8. PerpetratorX says

    Griefers, better known as kids. A lot of bad parents in the world.

  9. Exo_Wolf says

    why is there more likes then dislikes

  10. TokoSahashi 1821 says

    You can just redo the final doomsday heist and setup and make 1 mil each time as long as it's just you and a freind who's willing to just take 180,000 each time

  11. zander allan says

    160 k an hour isn't that much

  12. ZillaPlayz says

    Not too bad, considering you can do it in closed sessions

  13. Lee Mason says

    Repeatnot meant

  14. Hoff Dog says

    “Now obviously no one is going to do this for one day straight.”


  15. Samuel says

    2:06 What about the stromberg?

  16. Ashton Wittbrot says

    1:30 you only got 18
    Edit:nvm you get the rest for the actual collection

  17. Elaina Nevarez says

    its storm borg not stom borg lol

  18. Little JME Too says

    It’s been PATCHED don’t try u only get 12000 it’s a waste of time

  19. _RioT Manatee ツ says

    2,000,000 every 30 secs with my mod menu

  20. shadowbringer246 says

    Finally! A money making method that isn’t difficult or a glitch!

  21. beyond ultragaming says

    You could probally use the stromberg

  22. Sprat1010 ! says

    Ur clikbate

  23. zanetops gaming says

    If y’all really want to make money then go visit “obese giraffe” he posts really cool glitches

  24. karim halim says

    I really like your golden voice .

  25. Dj skillz Nyan says

    U are channel is dying

  26. THE TRIPLE X says

    I make $450,000 per hour on gta online by buying and selling crates

  27. Ajgerardi says


  28. Doug Nielsen says

    Fortified in a private session for an extra $35k

  29. Jairo Giraud says

    Just use the stromberg

  30. Christian Key says

    I can make $240,000 an hour by import export

  31. nick lick says

    Brush I can make 100k in 10 min just from stealing and selling vehicle warehouse. Just keep 10 standard and 10 mid range in your garage and you'll get top range every time.

  32. ABES718 says

    Looking for someone to do this with… ps4

  33. tomecalm7 says


  34. Alesha Беженарь says

    $200000 🙁 -1

  35. BigDboii6969 says

    Add me on psn chebaca550 i need players to do doomsday heist

  36. Tyron Kelly says

    Vespucci heist hold triangle to make the time go fast

  37. Tyron Kelly says

    I got a 360k a hr money making scheme

  38. Bella D Copular says

    "none of the things they can use to grief you can be used underwater" someones never met a modding griefer on pc.

  39. Tom Leonard says

    Where’s the treasure

  40. xXISHAWN142IXx says

    This was our before the dooms day hiest

  41. T S says

    How much you want to bet I won't do that for 24 hours.

  42. Tyrannotitan says

    MrWrinkeledforheadFTW here I don't care about any of my subscribers, and I only care about my ad revenue and I try to make these videos as pointless as humanly possible while gaining a group of squeakers and noobs to worship me in the process.

  43. Horsey King says

    Don't work

  44. Mike Sanchez says

    any1 able 2 gameshare gta 5 on ps4 i can help if u need any

  45. Wiill Jamel says

    Any Xbox moders here xb1

  46. Colin Freeman says

    Only if I bought CEO not bunker damnit more grinding till I get their

  47. Golden REX5 says

    Does It actually work

  48. Logan Foster says

    Couldnt you just do import export, special cargo, and VIP missions at the same time?

    Step 1. Source a vehicle
    Step 2. Sell the vehicle
    Step 3. Collect 2 crates of special cargo for $8,000.
    Step 4. Start up a VIP mission of your choice.
    Step 5. Repeat the procces

    P.S. If you get 10 mid-range, and 10 standard range. The game will automatically give you top range and you can use this to repeat the procces I explained earlier in this comment.
    Like if this comment helped you out.

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