Scuba Diving Key Largo July 2015 GoPro Hero4 Black

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Scuba Diving Key Largo July 2015 GoPro Hero4 Black
Diving with Rainbow Reef Dive Charters over 3 days in Key Largo Florida. Video Edited with Cyberlink Power Director 13

Rating: 4.84

  1. __ says

    Is that Depeche Mode? Does not fit the peaceful nature of the reef at all

  2. Hofe Thare says

    those reefs look polluted

  3. Alicia Cavalcanti says

    I hate country it’s the worst music made

  4. chinen max says

    hello! how many metres deep?

  5. Thecoralreefaquarium. com says

    This has to be one of the best videos I've seen so far. Well executed, great steady camera wk and of course beautiful subject matter !

  6. Robert Bratberg says

    Beautiful video. Soon, must dive Key Largo again.

  7. peterkrepkiy says

    I dove Key Largo and made a video… how do you make yours so colorful compared to mine?

  8. Silvana Covae says

    I love your video !!

  9. Ahmad Osman says

    Hi Marco, did you use any underwater lights ?

  10. escapemechanic says

    did you find you needed a wetsuit? we are going august first to the same location. ..nice video!

  11. Sal Flores says

    Very nice video, Thanks!!!
    what kind of filter did you use?

  12. Jessica Ottrey says

    Such an amazing video!!!

  13. Rafael Moreira says

    Hello, awesome video!!! I will be there next week, did you use a filter on your goPro?

  14. Marit says

    Awesome video! I recently made a video with the gopro. Diving in Italy. Mind checking it out when you have time?

  15. Simon Stone says

    Going here in May, looking forward to my first dive experience ☺

  16. GomTo Jo says

    Great Video!! how to used gopro setup? only 2.7k wide view & filter lens?  protune mode off?

  17. Marco Delano says

    Thanks !

  18. MrTrustUK says

    Nice video, I was there last week diving, amazing place, however without a lenses the camera does not pick up enough red to be then corrected in post processing…so better off getting a filter, I am Googling the one you use as the result seems good!

  19. Marco Delano says

    Mario, I did a quick google search, and found the best settings for diving and copied them. I shot in 2.7K wide view, and left the GoPro on the whole dive , using a Bacpac. I switched batteries between dives each time. For the lens, I used Snake River Glass filter lens ( Cyan ) and used their tray as well to hold the GP steady under water

  20. Marco Delano says

    I dove upper Keys Molasses Reef, French reef etc over 3 days. Theirs 8 hours of video footage shrunk down into a 15 min video

  21. Mario Acevedo says

    I'm going to key largo soon, I have a Hero4 black. Do you have any tips? And what kind lense did you use? If you you used any.

  22. KeepCalmAndHaveFun says

    What dive site were you at?

  23. Marco Delano says

    Thank you Syed. I shot over 8 hours of video, and You Tube only let's you post upto 15min video's. So I had to really shorten the video and length of each fish
    Thanks for the compliments!

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