Diving – Great Barrier Reef

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After having aquired our licenses the three of us decided to go diving and snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef. This Video displays the colourful fish, beautiful coral and all in all phenomenal diving we were privileged to experience. A big thank you to Rum Runner Cairns for a fantastic time aboard your boat!

Song: Nightlite by Bonobo

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Rating: 4.66

  1. sudath navindra says

    yes protect that

  2. Jacob Otto says

    DO NOT I MEAN DONT TOUCH CORAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. RadReefs says

    hey bad idea to touch those corals man

  4. funky little cowboy says

    You probably shouldn't be touching the corals. They're very fragile

  5. Grace Westgarth says

    next time DO NOT touch the corals!!! please the main cause of coral reefs dying is humans and this 'amazing experience' wont be amazing for people in the future if people like you keep touching the coral. you should have learnt not to touch it in your open water diving course and if your instructor lets you touch it then he/ she is a VERY bad instructor

  6. Stanimira Deleva says

    you should NOT touch the corals!

  7. David W says

    Take a look in my Chanel

  8. DoitNTstyle says

    Wow, loved it. Thanks for sharing your trip

  9. nidyz says


  10. Belial says

    nice song and video
    beautiful to watch!

  11. Guywithcrazyideas says

    so sothing

  12. yaznool says

    Very nice video man 🙂

  13. TrikzIL says

    Look awesome. Go Pro Camera?

  14. DOLGsTV says


  15. 51Hacker says

    damn 😀

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