TOP 10 Things to see Scuba Diving in Koh Tao, Thailand

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Koh Tao’s top 10 things to see whilst scuba diving.

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Rating: 4.80

  1. Nice Video!!!!

  2. aldrich inciong says

    Guests aboard the ROATAN AGGRESSOR™ liveaboard will experience the best scuba diving in the Bay Islands of Honduras which is both easy and exciting. The Bay Islands are world-renowned for their sheer walls, mystical wrecks, massive barrel sponges and captivating macro critters. These waters are also home to larger marine species, such as Whale Sharks, Caribbean Reef Sharks and Bottlenose Dolphin. The Roatan region of Honduras has fantastic critter scuba diving with subjects like Electric Rays, Longsnout Seahorses, ferocious looking Spoon-nose Eels, Rough Box Crabs, Yellowheaded Jawfish, Sailfin Blennies and even Southern Stargazers

  3. Lana Chiang says

    That trigger fish at 2:04 was triggered

  4. Lana Chiang says

    I live in Koh Tao and I found four eels and four stingrays in one dive

  5. BuniiHoniiX3 says

    dunno why but i wish im a shark instead of being hooman

  6. There can still be bull shark at all pinnacle and sail rock but they are still hard to see Whale shark as well

  7. Lean X. says

    Which Camera was used for this really great Video ?

    Greetings from Germany

  8. HakkinenRUS says

    Where is bull sharks an manta rays? )

  9. Lovisa Källs says

    I almost saw all of these whilst diving at BAN'S

  10. André Mc Cloud says

    hey there
    whats the name of this beat ???
    pls respond !!!

  11. Arno Koh Tao says

    *SALUT À TOUS ! *
    Vous rêver de vivre l'expérience vous aussi ?!
    Je suis moniteur de plongée à Koh Tao, et vous renseigne avec plaisir !

  12. dirkja says

    its sailrock not koh tao

  13. Brightwater Scuba says

    Brilliantly done !

  14. Bro Brah says

    I want snoop dog to narrate this.

  15. BRUTALB0RIS says

    great video, i plan to go there soon, when is the whale shark season?

  16. Karol Pryka says

    Can you really see all of them in around the ko Tao island or is it all around the Thailand? When did you dive? Is it the same date when you added the video? I am going to Thailand in second part of September and I was wondering about the diving conditions? If you could give me some tips where I have to dive I would really appreciate it!
    All the best !

  17. Erin says

    Great movie. What music is this? So relaxing, so fitting for this stunning movie. NICE WORK!!!

  18. tommy leong says

    very cool …

  19. Maureen O’Connell says

    Stunning video!

  20. Mayaki Sama says

    . lbbbb bnnnnmๅลลิไชช

  21. SeiyaT1 says

    Nice video in a great place…Ok I return in Thailand next week, thanks 4 😉

  22. BubbleFishie says

    Has anyone ever noticed how giant moray eels look like grumpy old men?

  23. Claudia Cordones says

    las vi todas!!! me siento una mujer tan afortunada…. i saw all!!!

  24. sam miller says

    i love the films

  25. s1221ljc says

    Awesome diving videos of beautiful Thailand islands! Love these even if I'm cant dive.

  26. Peter Mancini says


  27. mineroexp says

    I learnt to dive here it was amazing

  28. Ariane Dimitris says

    The clarity of your video is impressive, especially of the whale shark!  Minue 4:25 is a turtle with a  remora posing as a "mullet"

  29. 727Bobster says

    Awesome video. Are the bullsharks gone?

  30. Fanny Carlson says

    What kind of camera is used? Marvellous!

  31. Elmo Torcyclist says

    Super la Video !!!!
    +1 Subscriber …CHOUCHOU XD

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