1. Thunder Bee says

    Nice video. Any suggestions? We plan to go in September.

  2. Liquid Hypnos says

    Nice view of me backyard

  3. STUDIO EPIC says

    Hello Richard, I hope you are still checking this message and thank you for taking your time to read this. I love your video and I personally have a favour to ask. I know this may sound strange but I was wondering if you could give my a permission for me to paste your video on my website page that introduces Cairns to my Japanese customers. I am a Japanese wedding planner in Cairns and I just made a website for Japanese clients. My husband is a photographer so her can take great photos for my website but I don't have any good videographers that can help me. I really like the video you posted, and I was wondering… I know it is a lot to ask but if you could let me post your video on my website. I am going to market hard so I may be able to bring even more people to your video through my website. (There will be no trafic from your video to my website but there will be from my website to your video.) If you would like to ask me more questions, please feel free to drop me an email, it is info@studio-epic.net My website is http://www.studio-epic.net and I would love to use your video on my front page! By the way, I love the romantic Titanic scene in the back!! Thank you so much. -Rika

  4. Rusek Ruski says

    Its forza horizon music

  5. Explore Australia says

    Cairns, where rainforest meet the reef

  6. pedro bisono says

    that punishment lmao man that's brutal

  7. dadoadi21 says

    nice video man!

  8. darcyjones84 says

    That’s an awesome video. I loved my trip to Cairns and Cape Trib in September. This brought back so many great memories.

  9. Lim Cheongsoon says

    Superb video! May I know what's the location @01.39?

  10. Chiara Elle says

    Do you know the name of the beach at 1:48 or where it is located? Beautiful video!

  11. CooperFituk says

    Can i ask how you link the songs provided in this video i can never seem to figure it out. always have copy right issues?

  12. gjmob says

    Awesome filming and editing.

  13. Nethiuz says

    Mate you've done my City proud and if you're ever back here hit me up, free heli over the reef.

  14. Suhaibu Ahamed says


  15. madtrappa says

    My Birthplace. Nice vid.

  16. Frankland Islands says

    Awesome video! Great work

  17. Divers Den says

    This is amazing!!

  18. Sean Gatz says

    This is a sick edit! Great shots man!

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