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Read my recreational dive story here :

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Rating: 4.82

  1. Jess Peoples says

    Diving has changed my life in more ways than I expected. Scuba has taught me many lessons for my everyday life.

  2. Matthew Holton says

    Hey Kat! Just come across your channel and this video! I’ve just undertaken my DMT in the U.K having dived the GBR, Thailand Egypt and Greece as well as Lake Michigan in the USA! End goal by 2020 is to be a certified PADI OWSI!

  3. Erma Gerd!!! says

    I'm totally for the scuba. I wanna be just like that guy ^^^

  4. Erma Gerd!!! says

    Diving looks soooo fun. I really need to try it sometime.

  5. GunFighter Research says

    I hate when people say “diving is extremely expensive” it isn’t at all. Expensive to start sure but once you get all your equipment it’s 7 bucks to fill a tank. I spend 150 an hour-two hours shooting. Stop saying that , that’s how you push people away from it.

  6. Hola World says

    Can I become a dive instructor right after my hight school without joining any university?

  7. Xeromorphic says

    I see scheveningen I like !

  8. Isabella Socha Soares says

    how did you afford all of these trips?! Is there a specific job?

  9. Boyd Blackburn says

    Why did you get your certification in different places. Instead of all of them at your local dive shop?

  10. Hayden James03 says

    Are the wetsuits comfortable they look a little to tight ?

  11. Vins & Annette Singh says

    Thanks for sharing

    hi i have join your channel because of good quality content 🙂

    Would appreciate if you could view my channel and maybe join too 🙂


  12. Marina Castello Rigo says

    Hey, thank you for your story. I´m kinda starting mine and I´m super nervous and unsure of what is going to happen. I´m from Spain and I´ve decided to fo do my Dive Master and Instructor course in Bali. I´m leaving February 28th 2018!! I love to think that I will be able to make a living out of Scuba Diving but for me its so far away from home its just daunting. Anyways, thanks for your video. Very inspiring !! If you wan to do it, just do it !!!

  13. KWOT altern says

    Incredible video ~ L ~ Greetings from Cyprus island 🙂

  14. Amanda Dommasch says

    I loooove diving ! I havent been in nearly 2 years !

  15. LEILANI says

    your friend was really cool to help you to get out of the funk you were in, after your breakup.

    in my opinion, it's so important to have people, that care about us, or that we care about (or a nice mix of both), so that, we can get through tough times.

    we persevere, thinking of others, and what we mean to them (even what we might mean to strangers, that we have yet to help in some small, or large way). maybe, that food you give to the person on the side of the road, with the sign saying "anything helps," is starving, literally. and we give them, something to eat, or drink. we treat them with dignity and respect, regardless of how they respond.

    we are all going to have hard times and good times in life. how do we help others to get through their tough times?

    you've done so many constructive, helpful, things since your break up. i'm proud of you. keep on doing good in the world. you are making a difference. your videos make a difference in my life. thank you.

  16. My Vegan Experiment says

    Would you try diving? Let me know your experiences!!

  17. Our New Normal says

    Diving with sharks!… Id hyperventilate and end up getting eaten!. Your are awesome❤

  18. Dubhglas says

    Hey awesome video! I also love diving! Do you think you could check out my diving videos and maybe subscribe if you enjoy? You earned a sub from me! Keep up the great work!

  19. Eloise Ezzy says

    Thanks for sharing lovely, it's always nice to hear another's story. Did my open water course in 2017 and have too fallen in love. Also keen to do some ocean clean ups. Did I hear you say that you can do these for free?

  20. created by natalia says

    This is awesome! Thank you so much for finally telling your story! I am currently 18 and am in the process of college admissions and auditions and its a busy time for me. My two greatest loves in this world is theater and the ocean. Im a huge surfer and swimmer and on my 15th birthday i got to go scuba diving and its still to this date, its one of my all time favorite experiences. Its something I'm extremely interested in and once I'm in college I have a plans to finally dive more and study marine bio. This job sounds like a dream! Still figuring out where I am going to school will be a big decision, and whether I get accepted into a theater program. But I'm also thinking of doing diving in the summer instead of going on a senior trip but im not too sure yet.

  21. Tofu Tommy says

    Scuba diving is something I’ve always loved the idea of doing.Well done you x

  22. Nancy Plants says

    I've been snorkeling, but I'm afraid of scuba diving. My friend's dad died of the bends when she was five and they were on vacation. I have been working on overcoming my fears over the last few years. I guess I should dive sometime…any tips?

  23. Let's Do Better Now says

    Would LOVE to do scooba diving! Just the idea of exploring a world under the sea seems so cool.

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