5 Types of Scuba Divers You May Comes Across

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5 Types of Scuba Divers You May Comes Across
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In this video we talk about the 5 types of scuba divers you come across all over the world.

– Mark Newman
– James Hicks
– Shaun Johnson
– Pixabay

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  1. Simply Scuba says

    Once you have watched this why not take a look at part 2: https://youtu.be/FAhuwjZWv9E 😀

  2. whynottalklikeapirat says

    To be fair – as an instructor or DM you more or less HAVE to think as a "lone ranger" or more rightly as a solo diver in terms of your own self sufficiency (NOT in terms of your team leadership and safety responsibilities, that's a different thing).

    If I am out on an open water course dive with a bunch of students, there is no way I can automatically count on them to bail me or anybody else out of trouble, regardless of how much I buddy up. Chances are that I deliberately made myself the buddy of the greatest potential safety hasard on the team.

    In personal safety terms (and not as students or fellow divers or human beings) I think of them only as potential alternative air sources anything on top of that is just a positive boon.

    Of course teaching the pool sessions properly increases my general safety as well as everyone elses, so there is that aspect as well. It's nothing derogatory – there are many students that could and would save me in a pinch, but what I am saying is that I can't formally count on that just as I can't predict the behaviour of some insta-buddy on a one day trip (Which is why I don't do insta-buddies).

    This is a slightly controversial subject, but personally I make solo diving provisions even when diving with others in many cases. And I agree with those who say that if you have to ask what that is – you should not be doing it, but educating yourself towards it within a formal setting.

    I am all for the buddy system, and I think it's only strengthened if the buddies involved are also self sufficient enough to manage on their own in most predictable scenarios. Of course not all dive plans allows for that. But then you all know where to pay extra attention …

  3. whynottalklikeapirat says

    The good, the bad and the ugly

  4. Thomas Weismantel says

    Hate to say it but I saw myself I the final three descriptions. In all honesty though I just was recently certified so I am still learning. Trying to do better with every dive

  5. mikeandbarb says

    There's more than 5, but not many more.

  6. diver dave says

    or better yet the 5 reasons I dive alone 99% of the time !

  7. Widget says

    When I started, I was the kind of diver that followed my instructor so close I'd likely be finned in the face at least 5 times over the dive… I guess I was a clingy diver?

  8. Shady Staton says

    Total planner

  9. Ouestvotre vignette says

    Definite lone ranger for moi. I prefer to solo dive anyway and have the required qualification for the "please bugger off and leave me alone" stakes.

  10. Michael Dy says

    Seen them all, and they are always a good laugh when i get home. LoL

  11. H2Dwoat says

    What type are you?

  12. Richard Turner says

    How about the dive instructor who swims right up in back of you and yells at you in front of people because you almost kicked him in the face?

  13. MrCctvtech says

    There is only 2 types of divers. There are old divers and bold divers. But there are no old, bold divers.

  14. Joana says

    I m the girl, who is so excited about diving, but Im not having the money for an OWD and had just dived once but I cant wait for my OWD next year.

  15. Riley Zarm says

    i'm all 5 times 2

  16. mectic says

    During training I had this buddy group that always managed to be right behind no matter where I went

  17. panda's Enroute says

    Encountered almost all the type, mostly no.1 and 2. But not yet encountered the no. 3. Not sure which type am i. Seemly the lone ranger, but i still know where my buddy is.

  18. Tory Knotts says

    I can guarantee the first person I kick or run into will be my mom, and most likely the same will happen to me

  19. david emperor says

    Yes Mr Clumsy combined with a camera drives me insanse. Inconsiderate idiots who just cut you up and selfishly scramble toward anything intereseting regardless of who's in their path.

  20. Aquiles Magnani Junior says

    I had dive with all of them

  21. Niko Neznanovich says

    # 1 is the most common type…Just read the comments on every dive video on youtube and there they are…From 12000 dives to 250 m deep dives,they've done it all 😀 😀

  22. Sir Justonian says

    I was on a dive boat in the Florida Keys a few years ago. This fat guy wouldn't shut up about his amazing diving experience. He had to "one up" every comment he heard from others. The time came to get into the water and he wasn't even geared up yet. When he eventually did hop off the boat he panicked like crazy, ditched his expensive weight belt, and got back onto the boat. He didn't dive at all that day. And this was someone who was talking about his cave diving trips. Yah ok buddy.

  23. Wykletypl says

    Out of these five, I guess I am the closest to the Planner.

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