Buoyancy Tips and Tricks for Beginner Scuba Divers

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Are you a new scuba diver or just looking to refine your underwater skills? Everything in diving starts with a foundation. Neutral Buoyancy and effective buoyancy control are pivotal parts of the diving experience. Join GUE instructor Anikka Persson as she shares some tips and tricks for beginner divers to improve and bring awareness to their buoyancy skills. This video is presented for free from DiveGUE.tv.

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  1. Global Underwater Explorers says

    We are really glad so many of you have enjoyed this video. Tell us in the comments what videos you would like to see us make in the future or topics you wish we would cover for you to get the most out of your scuba diving!

  2. Daniel Cotayo says

    Анника, you are cute

  3. moonshroom13 says

    ffs stop the laid back chill out music!..it`s very nice but not appropriate when ya tryin to listen to good advice and not drift off in the ether..

  4. Simone Righetti says

    The wing are 30 or 40lbs?

  5. aaron arnold says

    Good selection of ambient music in the background, btw. So many scuba videos have such inappropriate music. Ambient seems to capture the mood nicely.

  6. MellowSquare says

    Hey! I need tips for keeping in a horizontal position, whenever I'm relaxed and horizontal, i can only keep this position for 2 seconds before my body becomes upright without any movement. Maybe it's because i have a lower center of gravity?

  7. asaad seafun says

    yes diving for fun

  8. Law Licht says

    I had my first training with scuba gear in pool today and I repeatedly having trouble with keeping my body upright while kneeling down on the pool floor.

    I kept falling to my left side and my instructor said that's because I was too tense, but then after he said that and i fell to my left again I tried to stop moving and relax my whole body hoping that my position will correct itself naturally but then i still fell to my left again. What did I do wrong? Is it possible that i wore my BCD wrong? Or it really is just me?
    How should I move to correct my position should it happen again?

  9. Jay Park says

    You are showing buoyancy control with tech diving gear and skill to the beginners?

  10. Betsy Barnicle says

    I learned what was called Zen Diving;
    being very relaxed and peaceful, and needing only 0 to 4 lbs of weights (preferably 0), and rarely or never needing to add or subtract air to/from your BC.

    It's a form of diving that allows you to hang motionless and watch the wildlife for long periods of time (without spooking them). And it allows you a freer feeling, since you dive with less weights. It's safer, since you don't have the burden of a 10 to 20 lb weight belt or weights. And you save air, since you're not constantly adding and dumping BC air to move about.

    I didn't Zen Dive on all my dives…only certain ones where maybe the purpose was to hang and watch a reef. Those dives were very special and memorable.

  11. Haroun Ben says

    Thank you madam for the informative video, I know it's hard but would you follow each tip with the proper video clip in the next YT videos?

  12. Alpha Diving says

    Really informative video!!! In UAE we are having all courses for beginners.

  13. bashpr0mpt says

    Why do you guys call BCD's a 'wing'? Wings are usually in pairs, and are used to fly. It seems an odd term to give to a BCD.

  14. The Mighty Octopus TV says

    Plz plz let me know is it possible for non swimmers

  15. Cory Martinson says

    Wow!!Amazing video with great tips. Thank you for sharing the video, Its really useful. I would love to share this at https://www.crunchbase.com/person/cory-martinson

  16. FiddleStick's bessette says

    cant understand you.

  17. Dive Center Daily Life says

    Master your buoyancy!!! Most important for beginner.

  18. Björn Jakobsson says

    If using a drysuit, your idea is to not use the suit for primary buoyancy, can you please elaborate? Having a dry suit makes it a lot easier to keep control of your buoyancy throughout the dive since you have air from your fingertips down to your toes, instead of just a pack of air on your back?

  19. bombousboy says

    Thank you. Very useful.

  20. Jeannette Sy says


  21. Vitomir Maricic says

    underwater things are awsome. Cool.

  22. Dive&Discover says

    Hi ! Great tips ! Thanks for sharing and best greets from Germany !

  23. Miguel Angel Torres Rosales says

    Great Buoyancy Tips and Tricks…. Thanks! Grazie! Gracias!

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