5 Rules Of Scuba Diving

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5 Rules Of Scuba Diving
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After the great success of our Guess Who game last week we decided to go straight back to our Friday five Feature videos. Scuba diving has plenty of rules as you’ll all know, but unbeknownst to most, there are also a plethora of unwritten rules of scuba diving. So just like the multiple beer fines during your training courses, there are plenty of unwritten rules that you just learn by diving so if you’re new to the sport you may not have come across them yet.

I’m Mark from Simply Scuba and I’m here to save you from diving faux pas’ and this is five Rules of Scuba Diving,

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  1. joshua smith says

    Avoid eating chili cheese coneys and slushes before diving, or plan a very thorough wetsuit cleaning afterwards.

  2. Robert Kidd says

    Rule #1 of boat diving: tip the crew

  3. Piotr H. says

    Great, check underwater navigation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cm_Kv1imuc

  4. Jonny Bravo says

    Rule: just because you own the gear doesn’t mean you need to kit it on every single dive you make. Take only what you need for the dive. Chances are pretty good you won’t need three spools, two SMB, and a couple of bags on a guided 10m reef dive.

  5. Magnus Haaland says

    Could you guys do a video of 300 Bar vs 200 bar tanks?

  6. Ana Morales says

    #5 Went diving once in Jamaica for two dives. I was paired w/ an older guy as my buddy (I was 20 at the time) and he kept disappearing from my line of sight. The dive was uncomfortable because I kept trying to swim up to him: he either stayed back taking pictures or swam right to the dive guide's feet. After the first dive, we were changing cylinders and this guy dares to come up to me, laugh, and say, "I saw you looking for me a few times down there. Relax, we are diving in groups. If you don't see me, just join the next person you see" JFC THIS GRANDPA

  7. MW says

    Well…..to have many cert cards…what to do if you are an OW diver with Enriched Air cert, and deep diver….thats 3 card that you need to show the dive center.

  8. Robert Thompson says

    #2: PADI doesn't understand this simple fact. 50 dives and 5 cards does not qualify someone as a Master Diver!!!!!

  9. Team Peg Leg says

    Beans and dry suit probably don't mix either. Open the zipper at the end of the dive, and it is probably like Pepe Le Pew.

  10. theurbanshark says


  11. Simply Scuba says

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