It’s Time To Give Up Scuba Diving When…

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It’s Time To Give Up Scuba Diving When…
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There was quite an interesting poll run on a forum a while back asking divers why they quit as there isn’t really a max age limit for diving. You don’t hit 75 and have to hand in your cert card and regs but it’s an interesting thought about why and when you should start to think about hanging up your fins. For you information the top five answers in the 2008 poll were Lack of Buddies, Family, the cost, spooked by an accident and moving onto a new hobbie, which obviously we can’t condone, Scuba diving is the best and always will be.

So it’s time to take a long hard look at yourself and decide when to pass the dive torch to the next generation in our latest list video It’s Time To Give Up Scuba Diving When…


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Rating: 4.88

  1. George Heinze says

    (Personal opinion). It's time to give up scuba diving when you have 6ft. of dirt over you and a heavy rock placed on your forehead weighting you down so you can't dawn your scuba gear.

  2. Denzil Buchner says

    Where is the site at 2:50?

  3. Jim Halpert says

    I’m never giving up well being only 11 years old I hope I never give up

  4. Jurgentaur says

    Stopping is not an option,but if I have to…there will always be snorkelling..

  5. Merscuba says

    Scuba is life. Neverr stop. Dive forever.

  6. Terry B says

    Unfortunately during my last dive I had a stroke causing loss of sight in my right eye, this seems to be the only long term problem so lucky that's it ( I am only 45) the doctors figure this was my warning to get out of the water, I am missing diving already, it has been 6 months, now what to do with the new dry suit I was using for the 3rd time, first world problems lol

  7. Twin Hoses are still alive and well, but they are now called rebreathers. The oldest diver that I have seen diving was 75 years old so if you can breath you can still dive underwater.

  8. sebastian says

    what are the most common problems a beginner diver needs to know how to handle underwater?

  9. Dive&Discover says

    Only illness and death can stop me…and that is for sure a fact ! Best regards to you and all the scuba divers here. We will rock it for a lifetime !

  10. Ken Costlow says

    It got to be too expensive for me. It's not exactly an inexpensive sport.

  11. infamous e says

    Recently was diving and there was an elderly fellow on his own (but still with our group on the boat). He had troubles getting kitted up and needed help. Was good in the water, but still, I was distracted on my dive by constantly trying to keep one eye on him as much as possible. Not sure he should still be diving – or at least should have someone close by in case of emergencies. What are everyone’s thoughts on keeping an eye on others? I Mean, myself and my buddy are the priorities… but ever feel uncomfortable by someone else’s skills (or lack thereof) that is in the water near you?

  12. Robert Thompson says

    Scuba diving is life, if you've given up on diving, you've given up on life.

  13. God kinG says

    Im not really giving up.I grew up with a family of scubadivers and had a small dive shop and recently closed down.. my family just needs another alternative for income, scuba diving business is difficult nowadays and not many are intrested anymore… but ites great for personal and recreational diving for personal joy, but business wise not a very good option you have any ideas how to help us out?

  14. joshua smith says

    You give up diving when your dead. I wet my wetsuit, but luckily, I was already in the water.

  15. Shachaf Baranes says

    When you cant even handle carrying your cylinder 50 meters to the water and ask other people's help… just no.

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