I Found 10 Cars, 2 Motorcycles and a Sunken Boat Underwater in the Florida Keys! (Scuba Diving)

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In this video I found a graveyard of vehicles while scuba diving!
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I Found 10 Cars, 2 Motorcycles and a Sunken Boat Underwater in the Florida Keys! (Scuba Diving)

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  1. DALLMYD says

    Drop a thumbs up if you guys enjoy the new scuba diving video! If we can reach 10,000 likes I'll go shark tooth hunting for Megalodon shark teeth!!

  2. Katie N T Illyria says

    Please dive in Lake Mead, there is a war plane down there.

  3. Katie N T Illyria says

    If possible you should go back with a bristle brush and see if you can identify the VIN on any cars, report their location to authorities and close some cases. They're likely hurricane losses.

  4. elmossaoui brahim says

    u should come dive in morocco there lots of places

  5. Mohammed Shakeer says

    Dirt bike

  6. my life kean says


  7. Eshan Ahmed says

    The car is 1998 vauxhual

  8. Viking says

    Can the cars be from the hurricanes?

  9. Chris Fontenot says

    They’re stolen the dirtbike

  10. Darrin Graham says

    If it's a Honda it would start

  11. Daniel Hannah says

    i think that car is an abandoned car!lol

  12. Gerome Radoc says

    It's a jeep!

  13. Sophia Schurr says

    Location- the Florida keys
    There’s like 15 keys, which one?

  14. heidi horvat says


  15. syndekit smit says

    2019 anyone???!

  16. RulerC says


  17. Al Hakim says


  18. Dion Mehmetaj says

    The motorcykle is a Yahamah

  19. Hog Boy109 says

    I want bike and truck back

  20. Melissa Brieden says

    i love how he waves bye to all the lil crabs he finds im crying

  21. slimy catz says

    How the hell does a car get in a river

  22. Kris Ising says

    all i can te you is that the car is a chevy for the crapy frame..

  23. Mambo Jambo says

    I have found explosives from 2nd world war. that was a bit sketchy

  24. logan woodhall says

    Come to Australia and try finding stuff on our wonderful beaches

  25. Blair Ishmael says

    damn caps lock

  26. Blair Ishmael says


  27. Joy Geoffrey says

    Hurricanes & floods

  28. 友人B says

    you'll probably find a body someday

  29. “ let’s get together and jump off this bridge YEET”
    Should not be said anywhere near 10 miles of the Golden Gate Bridge

  30. 2:12 battery for 1 out of 11 more cars.

  31. Dominic Gore says

    1st bike is an older yz 80

  32. Ericgotnofeelings tauapai says

    Zorgo different 11:23

  33. Jack Chapman says


  34. Isabella Westerhout says

    0:38 OH HELL TO THE NAH you cant dive ANYWHERE in Australia anymore its all inhabited with crocs some are frickin 7 metres long. Use r lucky u get to dive in at LEAST one place

  35. Isaac Hobbs says


  36. Jay Pence says


  37. Chris Evz says

    All from hurricanes and storm surge

  38. Phil Buddies says

    Men scuba diving is cool wish I know how

  39. galaxy vlogs g says


  40. Jason Alberti says

    The heel clicker made me laugh out loud!

  41. Brayden Damron says


  42. Zack says

    looks like a ww1 or a ww2 motorbike

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