5 Of Our Favourite Snorkels

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5 Of Our Favourite Snorkels
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A snorkel is a multi-purpose tool that you can use in all sorts of water-sports to help keep your airway clear. In its purest form, a snorkel is simply a tube with a fixed curved section which finishes with a mouthpiece. Its main purpose is to allow the user to breathe easily and efficiently without having to raise their head out of the water but there are other benefits to owning a snorkel.

Scuba divers use simple snorkels whilst on the surface to conserve the compressed air in their cylinders, why waste gas on the surface when you can just use a snorkel. Freedivers use basic, streamlined snorkels to minimise drag as much as possible to achieve long breath holds and deep depths on a single breath. Rescue divers can use a simple snorkel instead of mouth to mouth rescue breaths for an easy way to keep their airway clear and deliver air on the surface.

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  1. joe bob says

    ATTENTION! Full face snorkels may be causing a rise in deaths of snorkelers due to the fact that the full face mask can cause a dead space of CO2 causing the user to become disoriented and confused. Please do more research on them for yourself, but I'd think hard about buying one.

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