Underwater Photography Guide Equipment and Tipps – Benjamin Jaworskyj learn Photograper

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In this Video Adventure Photographer Benjamin Jaworskyj talks about Underwater Photography Equipment he uses and had used for different types of Budget and Skill.
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Gear I use in the Video:
Ikelite Underwater Housing for Sony a7rII with Dome Port and Tube for Sony 16-35mm ➡️
Ewa Marine UB-100 ➡️
Amazon Underwater Housing for Sony a6000 ➡️



Camera and Edit: Tobias Strempel
Production and Director: Benjamin Jaworskyj
Easy learn Photography with Photographer Benjamin Jaworskyj

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SONY A to E Mount Adapter: ➡️
SONY 16-35 2.8:➡️
SONY 16-35 4.0
Phorex by #jaworskyj ND Filter SET:➡️
Phorex by #jaworskyj ND Filter Single: ➡️
Phorex by #jaworskyj Polarizer➡️
Phorex by #jaworskyj Graduated Filter Set ➡️
For APSC Cameras like Sony a6000 I use Tokina 11-16mm 2.8: ➡️
or Samyang 12mm 2.0 ➡️
Vanguard Tripod: ➡️

Rating: 4.72

  1. Kyle van Helden says

    Amazing video, thanks, man!

  2. Daniel Brown says

    diving gooooooogles

  3. CJAmused says

    My boy ben coming in clutch

  4. Andrew Maier says

    Love this guy’s personality!! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Trisha Hughes says

    What are your thoughts on the SeaLife DC2000?

  6. ori mori says

    how do you think of using micro four third good size and weight and olympus is doing good housing

  7. Hi, you know if the ewa-marine u-b100 or u-a100 serve with a canon 80d + tokina 11-16Dx II, this lens has a diameter of 77mm. Regards

  8. TheMrBennito says

    Hello mr. Jaworskyi, thank you for all the useful info! Simple question: would the plastic 'bag' allow me to operate the dials on top of my nikon 645N; the (large) focus ring of my (large) macro lens, I will only focus manually; and, most importantly, what about the accessibility of the viewfinder (the 645N has a small viewfinder)? Next: have you ever worked or seen colleagues working with an Outex housing? I somehow feel those Outex housings would fit my specific camera better, operationally. Again thanks, and one word about your presentation: kept me on my seat, as you are enthusiastic!

  9. Gretel SD says

    HI Benjamin! I'm happy I discovered your channel, you make great videos, thank you for sharing.
    Have you tried the Outex soft covers for underwater photography? They are very easy to use, I'd like to know your opinion. thank you!

  10. Roshni Ali says

    How deep can I take my plastic bag with my camera?

  11. Jason Woon says

    What do you think about a red filter vs lighting?

  12. Jmar Adaptar says

    what would you recommend for underwater using canon 1200d?

  13. Jmar Adaptar says

    what would you recommend for underwater using canon 1200d?

  14. Steve Ward says

    Great video thanks Dankeshun!

  15. ddxjon says

    fuck me Benjamin, everytime I watch your video, somehow it makes me feel happy and positive already!

  16. Jackie Loo says

    HI Benjamin, what type of file format you shoot with you Sony A7R + RIII and Sony A6000 when taking underwater photography? Do you shoot it in JPEG or RAW format?

  17. Karan Khaling Rai says

    Sir you're awesome..!!! Gud 1

  18. Vipul Thakur says

    I'm assuming there must be some photographers here, do you know which camera is best one for underwater filming in Miami for scuba and snorkeling?

  19. Plan D Options says

    bro! out of all the videos i saw on youtube your video gave the most info i could expect! any opinion about ikelite for Canon 5d MK III?? or any other underwater housing ?

  20. Anthony Foster says

    Nauticam housing for the a7ii rocks.. buy one!

  21. Steven Davis says

    you mean fiberoptic cable, not fiberglass.

  22. Andreas Simanjuntak says

    Hey ben, thanks for the review. Actually I just bought seafrog/meikon UW case for my Sony A6500 and it’s works well, but when I read or see video about why they use ikelite or nauticam is because more leakproof than seafrog/meikon and I planned to replace the UW case to ikelite/nauticam. Please give an advice.



  24. brault14 says

    hello Benjamin! nice to see your video with your direct way of saying things, I am only an amateur photographer but I agree with your point of view on the material, my future purchase is a fisheye for my underwater box to try to capture the most light possible at certain depths, do you confirm that fisheye will allow me to enjoy the maximum light possible? all the best from me! jean michel

  25. Rich U says

    what would you recommend for a canon 80d?

  26. Frank Wittig says

    Excellent descriptions! What do you think of form factors like the Nikon W300, Olympus TG-, or the SeaLife Micro 2.0? Is the image quality more or less the same as an action cam, or do the accessories and internals provide added value? I'm currently looking for a successor to my AW120 for the next dive trips, but researching UW photography equipment seems more complex as procuring a commercial vehicle to me… Thanks in advance!

  27. Joel Cooper says

    Can a sony A77 camera be used in underwater photography, if so do i need to buy special lenses? also please can you give me a link for the marine bag because i cant find it anywhere

  28. Icon says

    For Meikon housings, a wet lens dome port is available. Not as good as a dome port for Ikelite though, but a must-have if you have the Meikon housing and shooting wide. For me it was between the Meikon or Ikelite. I chose Ikelite simply because it's Ikelite has more ports.

  29. Susanna Girolamo says

    Lol, I started with an EwaMarine bag too 🙂

  30. VIDEO&MUSICEditor says

    Hi how can I get into travel photography. I been doing photography for 6 years already so I looking to get into travel photography. thank you.

  31. mystickid1 says

    Hi Benjamin! Great underwater footage in every scene. I'm going to Hawaii in November and I'm taking a Gopro with me. Could you tell me how to get accurate underwater colors with my gopro? Your vids have vivid and accurate colors of the colorful fish and blue waters, other videos are too blue or all too green. Could you explain how? Thanks!

  32. Bryan says

    What is a better use of my money? I have an RX100v – Would it be better to buy the underwater housing for that. or for nearly the same price, should I buy the Sony FDR-x3000, so I have a whole extra camera and don't have to risk the expensive camera… Is the RX100v much better underwater?

  33. Sharkman7 says

    Have been using gopro for years ( mainly do to budget ) Moseley pretty clear water and more video but I also used a re filter and more recently have got some LED flood light , I think it comes out pretty well but yes you do have to be close. Also just started trying bio fluorescence using yellow filter and blue light.. Looking to upgrade a bit soon lido you have any take on the Panasonic lx10.? Also I have some video if interested on you tube under ERoggero , which is filmed with gopro and filter. Thanks for great video

  34. Olaf Zarthan says

    yep, im from Belgium and I use canon 600D with ikelite housing and lens 18-55mm or macro 100mm… Most of pics in fresh water. I don"t have so much problem its totally fit for my camera but yes totally expensive 😀

  35. fatalis50 says

    Hi, y love your pictures bro, and can you tell me where is sell the protector of plastic of camera? Thanks

  36. Chris Darke says

    Seems you might want to try upgrading from ikelite to nauticam or aquatica.. I only have to remove the back on my aquatica to change battery and cards, camera fits super tight, and when placing camera in the housing some of the controls move out of the way so there no reason to remove the dome or other port.. also the lens rings are much better quality, machined aluminium with orings to grip the lens.. plus the ports are held on a lot more securely!

  37. Pack & Click says

    Also, sorry I forgot to ask another question. What settings do you use on your camera when shooting underwater? I also have a sony a7ii. Danke!

  38. Pack & Click says

    Benjamin, Loved this clip. How close were you to the tortoise? It looks so crisp and clear, and colors are so vibrant. Whenever I've tried to take underwater photos it just looks like there's too underwater debris everywhere. Thanks for sharing the tips!

  39. Benjamin Jaworskyj says

    Any other topics i should talk about?

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