How Long Will My Tank Last

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How Long Will My Tank Last

We get asked all the time, just how long will that tank of air last you under water? Factoring in our depth, SAC Rate, and for safety a third of our tank volume, we can determine how long a tank of air will last us.

SAC RATE Calculation
Air Used / Time At Depth / Depth In ata

Rule Of Thirds
Working Pressure / 3

SAC RATE Formula Explained

RMV RATE Formula Explained

Determining Tank Size

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  1. Monica Bouteiller says

    Great video and easy to understand. Thank you!

  2. vaseem s says

    well explained

  3. Melvin Moi says

    Would all the calculations apply to metric units?

  4. Kevin Eon Basheam Fredericks says

    Thank you for this mathematical simplicity making what seems complex simple as a diver I appreciate this presentation
    once again Thank for teaching these principals among other diving videos in your series.

  5. Mike's road trip 2017 says

    love your video's because your clear and simple to understand. That is a plus for me because it takes longer for me to pickup stuff.

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