Surface Weight Check Procedure –

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You are watching lesson preview 41 of 169 – My comprehensive guide to setting the correct weight you need to dive with. I show you a technique that starts you with within 1KG of your total weight required.

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  1. TradeWindgng says

    I wanted to subscribe to your online courses but not sure about the payment method!?

  2. HealthSupercharger says

    Buoyancy test with a 207 bar full aluminum cylinder is going to not be good way to test your buoyancy because all cylinders no matter what size or material they are made from will be more positively buoyant and best way to do a buoyancy is with an empty cylinder because the important thing is to be able to maintain neutral buoyancy even at end of dive even if you had an emergency and had to use all your air in the tank. Every 13 cubic foot of air in your tank will have 1 lb buoyancy difference so an AL80 will be 6lbs lighter when empty and that is most important to maintain neutral at end of dive. I would just add how ever many pounds of air is in your tank on top of a check that is with a full tank. I use a 120 and 133 cf tanks so even thought they are steel and might be negative empty I do not care because they will be 9 or 10 lbs lighter at end of dive and to maintain a safety stop or deco stop I want to make sure I can be neutral with it. Actually my pony 23 cf tank is another 2 lb positive buoyancy if I were to use that so I need to weight myself for a possible 11 or 12 pound positive change in the event of an emergency when I need to use my tanks

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