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If you want to film underwater, ‘Getting the color right’ is what makes your video good looking. On the example of how to film sharks we demonstrate how filters can support your underwater lights in getting the right color temperature. We are honored to be trusted by Keldan Lights, testing a prototype of their brand new lighting concept. This is a game-changing combination of precisely measured Spectrum and Ambient Filters for both the camera and the lights which will launch this summer. We took it to the Bahamas and the Socorro Islands for a detailed field-test and are now happy to share our opinion on it.

Idea, Camera, Edit: Florian Fischer

Client: Keldan Lights ( )

Thanks for the support:

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Rating: 4.96

  1. IAMDIMITRI says

    So there are no underwater lights with colour temperature adjustment knob WTF:

  2. Bo Lorentzen says

    Brilliant and accessible kit..
    But in all fairness, there are no inventions here. we have been doing all of these steps for decades. camera filter for depth, and blue filter on strobe / continues lights. in various varieties – its just not been an off the shelf kit.

  3. Jan yolo says

    Are you from germany? your english sounds a bit like a german who's speaking english 🙂

  4. Robert Blake says

    Please excuse my ignorance, but I'm a beginner at underwater video. He says in this video that the White Balance needs to be correctly set. So should I set the white balance with ambient light, and then turn on the lights? Or set it with the shining lights on my WB target? Please help!

  5. Alvaro Granell says

    It would be awesome if you could do a "Dive videographer con a budget" video.

  6. Matthew Thomas Barbour says

    Game changer? Pretty sure red and coloured filters have been around for a while…. Just another video trying to sell shit

  7. strider00111 says

    My Sony action cam x3000 does this automatically with or without a dive light and adjusts the red color accordingly!

  8. JesseBoats says

    All you have to do is spend $10,000 on a camera, lens, housing and lights, and your video can look just like this!

  9. Pedro Franco says

    Excelente vídeo. Parabéns!

  10. Johnny Depp says

    anyone using the word "gamechanger" is trying to sell you something

  11. Ruben Sanchez says

    excellent jobs….thanks

  12. Gregory Mazurek says

    Really great video — I spend a lot of time correcting via color grading to try to get close — this is wonderful

  13. Jeremy Carter says

    Now if I could just get a red filter for my DJI Osmo Pocket! Great footage!

  14. dean jericevic says

    Impressive video; it would seem that their is no correct filter for a set depth as the composition of the water algae content (greening), sediment comtent will also come into play. Would it not be more funtional & easier to try to achieve finished video colouring in post, usind a combination of white balancing, tint & split toning?

  15. S Johnson says

    Wow, this is one of the best videos on underwater water photography that I have ever viewed.

  16. Dawn 2 Dusk says

    Just amazing the little things to make the scene perfect

  17. Brilliant video, thank you so much.

  18. Jacques Star says

    No white balance needed if you're shooting log mode

  19. brent haestier says

    Amazing stuff!

  20. Dinosaur Adventures says

    I rather figured once I saw the lights looked red you would need a blue filter for them. It seems a big task, but when broken down it is all simple. I don’t do much underwater, but something like this video would be essential for all underwater videographers to watch. Thank you for posting it!

  21. Angler Bontang says

    what is that ball at center of fish

  22. pangrac1 says

    Is the sound at the last video original. Sound weird.

  23. Bugs & Bears says

    Thanks, Florian for bringing a complex topic down to the basics. Guess it's still a tough challenge to always get this properly.

  24. Pete Heigel Fishing says

    What camera are you using to film the sharks?

  25. acewings221 says

    That is so pretty!!!!

  26. Stefan Karpinski says

    well are you not supposed to remove the red filter from the camera when using light ?
    pretty sure thats why Everything looks so red when filming under the ledge combined with the lights being turned on.
    what i mean is, if you dont use a red filter with the lights turned on, and auto whitebalance, colours would look the same as when you use the filter on the keldan lights.

  27. Sungbae Kim says

    Thanks for film, What if do not use lens filter and only light with light filter?

  28. brenden hamilton says

    Very informative thank you for the pro tips.

  29. Djhi Normas says

    really cool vid 🙂

  30. insanelook says

    great video, thanks !

  31. Charles Stout says

    Can you use these filters with a GoPro camera.

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