1. Mark Stengel says

    Hi Alec, wow pretty dive friend /model. Id be turned off using a reg someone used, unless sterilized with new mouthpiece. So how were the sharks, i suppose they are always hungry. Must be very exciting dive, those waters are famous for tiger and great whites. Thank's for sharing…

  2. Benci says

    I'm a great fan of you and your videos!
    This episode is one of the funniest, in a weird kind of way.
    It made me think of your comment, in another episode about Mike Nelson that "… he always gets the girl!" 🙂
    I'm more of a Jacques Cousteau fan, I hope you don't mind. 😉
    Keep the videos coming plz!!!!

  3. diver dave says

    Its best to mount the tank on the BC or BCD and make sure the tank isn't to high or to low before your on the boat or going into the water off land … you don't want it to hit your head if you tilt your head back and it's no good to be banging on the back of you legs ! I put magic marker lines on my tanks so I know where to mount it on the BC every time I switch tanks

  4. Paul Hosler says

    I noticed the DAN sign on the wall behind the counter. I was wondering what your opinion was on dive insurance?

  5. Jess Peoples says

    I own my mask, fins, snorkel, and dive boots. I also have my own dive computer. The only things I would rent are tanks and weights. I plan to buy my own wetsuit, bcd, regulator, and octopus. Thanks for the video and very informative.

  6. Teemingmasses says

    Yeah. No way he'd be holding the hands of a male like that. Also, stop with the "You're a smart girl" dominance bit. It's old. You wouldn't speak like that to a man you respected. Otherwise would be a great video. 🙁

  7. Jacques Poirier says

    very professionnal and extremely well done…nothing to add to that, for the puritanists, I pass them behind me.

  8. מור הלוי says

    Great video as usual Alec,
    I personally use an integrated BCD where I find the weight belt annoying –

    1. I always show my buddy the quick release mechanism (how and what) before the dive. (so its a tip in case you use one such as that)

    I have my own equipment since day 3 of the early stage of basic OW course, mainly because I prefer to know the condition and maintenance of my own equipment… as appose to rentals (as you said and mentioned)

    Which brings me to several things I found as useful (if you do rent) which some time people do not check but I found those useful for me as to real life findings (maybe minor but might help some):

    2. BCD …other things to check:

    A. check the release strings and valves for normal air release and no puncturing / released air while the tank is connected to the inflation hose.
    Sometimes those strings are warn out, and the values might lose their ability to be deflated..

    B. I found with my buddy (actually did a check of the inflating/deflating use of the inflation hose that it worked well….
    But…than we went diving and at about 6 meters she struggled the asccent and decent…thinking that she was actually not experienced or did not know what to do and panicked a bit…I calmed her down and we exercised some bouncy check underwater ..about 3 times…
    She understood everything but still came up and down without a correct bouncy …
    The inflator hose did inflate and deflate correctly even under water…
    Took her out …
    Took a quick look again …found out there is a small hole in the rubber hose of the inflator BCD hose…
    Took a closer look and touched it….and found the rental club gave her a BCD with a half-cut inflator hose….
    So she was not really to blame…
    Anyhow…check the BCD rubber hose ..go along the hose and check for any holes…found one…REPLACE it with the club before you dive….

    3. Tank :
    A. I found it in some rentals (as a tank I do not have and do rent it)
    That the O ring or opening is banged,dry or not closing correctly on my 1st stage after connecting it and without a "heese" sound..

    So my tip is do a visual on the tank, check that the O ring is not cracked,dry ETC.
    Found a problem? tell the club to replace the O ring…still a problem ? replace the tank.
    Its a bummer to find this out while you dive and bubbles come out of your tank..although minor and you will probably loose not a great deal of bars…still worth checking (sometimes in a closed tank of water that clubs have)
    Or turn on the tank and check if no air is "loose" – get close to the tank (but not to close) with your ear and wait 10 seconds after opening the tank valve… .

    B. some times as to A. above everything is OK but you still get some extent of air escaping and making some air loose sound..
    My tip is to simply spit on your finger and rub the spit on the tank's O ring.
    Only than connect your 1st stage to the tank..open the valve and check if no air is escaping (I replaced 3 tanks once in a rental and O rings b4 getting to this very simple tip….once done all was OK…
    I always do that since…and have no air "loose" or sounding problems from the tank's 1st stage since…

    4. 1st stage,
    Upon a common maintenance I did…. I personally always check the screw, specifically that they are not loose from the hoses getting into the 1st stage, on one instance the hose connecting to the inflator was loose…checking this out turned out that the hose screw-in in the 1st stage…was broken and the hose rubber protector laying above it covered it up so you could not see it…so simply move the cover and check if the screws are not lose on the 1st stage vs. the hose connections……

    I had luck and it did not break or rapture anything in the 1st stage but…I replaced the hose in it.
    If that was to happen underwater Id perhaps lose my option for bouncy from the 1st stage to the BCD…(although you can manually inflate it ..I know)

    Which brings me to the simple check: check if no hose connection (to the 1st stage) is loose…if it is …check why and perhaps replace it – with the club before you connect it…and take it to dive with.

    5. Perhaps minor ..fins with straps/bungi ETC. ..
    Although in this vid you use closed fines with no booties (I guess) , if you were do get more powerful fins from rentals:
    Check that the straps/chord and booties fit you correctly and in good condition…
    If they are not ..replace them..its your power when you dive..and not a pleasant one if loose or damaged.

    These points actually all happened to me or my buddy…so hopefully this can be useful for those who still rent from clubs (as I find these sort of things are can sometimes disturb your dive…or end it even)

    Great job Alec, I appreciate as usual your greatly professional vids.

  9. H2Dwoat says

    Hi, how long should you allow for getting equines with hire gear?

  10. darreng34 says

    What about a dive computer?

  11. jellyfishattack says

    As a brand new diver, and a woman, I didn't see anything inappropriate in this video. Getting a good fit is very important, and for a while, you really need someone else with experience to make sure everything's fitting properly, and is where it should be; when you learn to gear up, when you rent gear (at first), and when you buy gear (I want to but gear that fits me as best as it can); and you can't do that without being touched. This touching wasn't anywhere close to a 'sexualized' area either. My 1st experience diving was with a terrible, unsafe, lazy, and cranky, instructor. He was fired after our 1st day in the water for being all of the above and then some. This year, I did the course from start to finish. The thing I wanted to say was that when I was sitting on the dock, he helped me into the BCD/tank and fastened everything. When he secured the cummerbund, he said, ''this is when I get sued''. When I hopped into the water, I'd thought (as I didn't know any better then) that he'd done everything up properly, but the cummerbund was not tight and as I swam, my entire kit swayed around on my back, like a flag in the wind. I'd much rather get properly fitted than not enjoy the dive. If people think this is pervy, would they have thought so if a woman had been doing the fitting? Also, God help them if they ever have to be strapped into an open cockpit plane or one with a stunt/fighter-style canopy, or even a parachute…..

  12. diver dave says

    HOLY CATS a real weight belt ! I'm one of the very few still using one …

  13. Tyc17 Ok says

    Now I could be wrong as you have more experience then I do but when you checked the air was on it looked like it was all the way on isn’t it supposed to be all the way then half a turn the other way

  14. tom thompson says

    no over pressure valve check , no breathe down on regs neg pressure check , no gauge watching while breathing off regs ,,, whats going on here ,,,, half a job ,, once your on the boat doing a pre dive or buddy check , its a bit late to spot any of the probs
    watch this vid back at 2x speed with no sound ,,, then explain why your hands are never off that poor girl ,, this is not good.
    i like your videos , but this one isnt so hot.

  15. GotGoodLife says

    really weird how you kept touching her and holding her arm for no reason.

  16. Peter O’Brien says

    New sub and notifications 🙂 I start my padi course on Tuesday, my goal is to get to search and rescue, Ive looked at some of your other videos, I think I’m going learn a lot from you while I reach my goals!

  17. Jorge Davis says

    Viejo choto

  18. Diana Stack says

    Thank you, Alec! I love your channel. I’m finishing up my PADI cert in April, and I’ve learned so much from you. This video is really helpful, as I’ll be renting some equipment until I know what setup I really like. Also, I love that your wife’s name is Diana (just like me)! Cheers. 🙂

  19. Andrew Skeith says

    Don't you just hate it when you go to try on a rental wetsuit and it's still damp, stiff as hell, hole near the crotch, and smells like a dead seal?!

  20. Joe Soap says

    Hey Alec. A good tip I learned from the lads in my club is to watch the pressure gauge while you check the reg’s. If the needle flickers or jumps around or sticks while you breathe it can help you spot issues!

  21. labattomy says

    Love your videos Alec! As a new diver I really appreciate you sharing your vast knowledge (for free!) with us..One think I was taught to do, and I saw you actually do it in this video, was when checking the regulator purge – sniff the air coming out of the tank. If it smells ‘bad’ (or smells at all) get a new tank. It could be contaminated. Especially if you might be renting from a questionable dive shop (who would even do that?) I guess it’s possible the compressor filter failed or they were running a 1958 Buick right next to the compressor intake?

  22. Vitomir Maricic says

    deep things are welcome. Cool.

  23. Mobile Growth says

    you can definitely see the excitement in this poor woman talking to this old perv.

  24. Derrick Williams says

    All hands on deck, LOL!  You go Alec.

  25. Johnny Kalpo says

    She's my type ! Very sweet and sexy at the same time

  26. Beth Pickering says

    Hi alec, I'm a UK marine biology student and scuba diver. I'm a massive fan of your videos. I'd love to dive with sharks but I also want to avoid a nibble as much as possible. I know showing no skin and all black is the way to go but I don't know why? Also any other safety tips for cage free shark diving?

  27. M H says

    Thanks Alec, years of diving and never thought to do that trick of turning my wetsuit legs inside out. Never too old to learn (-:

  28. Patrick M says

    Alex thanks for the video’s. I just started following you esecially because im going to buy gear. There really great and give great advice to take with me when doing so. Ps also showed this to a girlfriend of mine and both of us didnt even crossed our minds you tough her inapproiate. Its just a thing now soon there will be no more interaction between human beings at all. Everyone sees something wrong in everything it seems. Ohwell atleast we have diving 🙂

  29. David S says

    Alec, ignore these comments about the touching thing. There are a lot of people out there that don't have any individual thought and just mindlessly follow the other drones.  You don't owe anyone an explanation. You don't owe anyone an apology. Anyone who has helped another into SCUBA, especially wetsuits, knows it involves closer contact. You did not do anything inappropriate. Your job was to not only suit her up. but to show it to the camera. Directing her motion by touching her wrist is not inappropriate. Neither is poking to check for voids. I check for voids myself when I use a wetsuit. I hate voids. I am sure Desiree and your wife would have said something if there was any problem. Helping someone get out of a suit gets even more interesting at times.  I myself have had more than one bikini bottom come along with the wetsuit. Nothing intentional. Nothing creepy. One was right in front of her father. He understood because he was an experienced diver himself.  Another great film. Thank you again. Everyone loves these films. Well, everyone important that is. The others don't matter. At all. They probably suffer from severe shrinkage and are just lashing out at you..

  30. Judson Holt says

    Thank you Alec! Always a pleasure watching your videos. The young lady didn’t appear to be uncomfortable, she seemed to really be enjoying herself. I recently bought a 7mm semi dry suit and the shop employee touched me in the same manner Alec did here to ensure proper fit. Definitely didn’t feel violated. It’s part of the deal! You people need to stop.

  31. David S says

    Another fun video, Alec. Desiree is a good sport for helping. Did you ever notice, the farther you get from Canada, the more your accent comes oot? Eh? Keep them coming.

  32. Andrew McInnes says

    good vid

  33. Lulu La Nantaise says

    Happy New Year Alec

  34. John McGuinness says

    I like your friend Desiree Alec, can we have a few more videos with her in them?

  35. Tom Meijer Drees says

    Great video again. One thing I'm missing, I always teach my pupils to do a vacuum test of the equipment. Basically this means, try breathing on both the octopus and the 2nd stage before opening the tank. If you can suck in air through either one, this means there is something wrong and you will get water in your mouth whilst breathing under water.

  36. troop1026 says

    Great video my friend. Good points of review. Always solid on the subject material. Snowing again here in Montana. Cheers my friend. Dilly dilly. Lol.

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