Scubapro Gorilla Frameless Mask, Product Review by Kevin Cook |

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ScubaPro Frameless Gorilla Mask

The Frameless Gorilla has a slightly larger and wider lens and a larger skirt in a matte finish. Otherwise, it shares the same classic single lens design and long list of comfort and performance features as the original Frameless.

* Extra-large frameless single-lens provides expansive field of view while reducing volume.
* Slightly larger double-seal matte skirt creates a comfortable, watertight seal on larger faces.
* Push-button buckles attach to tabs on skirt to optimise range of motion.
* Flexible buckle tabs enabling mask to be folded flat for travel.
* Wide headband for comfortable fit
* Available in Black with a Black Skirt Only.

Rating: 3.00

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  1. Torus1Knot1 says

    Bad review. You did not mension any specific feature comparing to the frameless classic, such as bigger size of gorilla version for bigger faces, mat silicon from the outside and glossy from the inside, wider nose section e.t.c.

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