Scuba Tip How Not To Damage A Tank Valve

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Scuba Tip How Not To Damage A Tank Valve

As an Equipment Technicians, we see quite a bit of damage to all types of gear. One we see the most is damage to tank valve. In this video we will discuss just how easy it is to damage a valve.

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  1. bristol says

    Metal against metal, I'm sure I would have put something between the two ….. or maybe put the wrench on the lower part of the pillar valve…….

  2. nunogirao says

    What about this kind of pipe? Ever tried it? Is it a good ideia or does it put some kind of stress on the threads?

  3. Rick Kinney says

    If a valve stem does get bent or damaged, can it be replaced or does it ruin the entire valve? I imagine that may depend on the severity of the damage to the valve stem itself. Is it standard practice for VIP technicians to actually remove the valve correctly, the way you demonstrate?

  4. Bucket List Badass says

    Damn good points made! Good video

  5. Chris Fariss says

    Do you approve of a common man like myself removing and replacing the valve. I recently bought a new tank and valve. Is there any issues with me assembling the valve to the tank?

  6. Linda Gerhardt says

    “I’ve taken” not “I’ve took” .

  7. Bryan Shaw says

    Really helpful & practical.

  8. MrNotebookguy says

    I wish I knew this today 🙁

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