Breathe Easily While You Swim with the FINIS Swimmer's Snorkels

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Eliminate interruptions during your swim with the FINIS Swimmer’s Snorkel, an easy-to-use, front mounted snorkel. Using the Swimmer’s Snorkel will improve your overall body position and technique. Training with the Freestyle Snorkel will also improve head position and body alignment in freestyle. It can also be used to teach a steady backstroke.

Rating: 4.80

  1. Tobi Isagba says

    I cant wait to start using it.. it’s gonna make swimming so much more enjoyable

  2. Jackknifegyp says

    Mine just arrived today. I can't wait to take it to the pool. Thx for these tips.

  3. Mark Mello says

    Can you use this for diving?

  4. GenerationXT says

    I am having trouble focusing on my freestyle form because of erratic head positioning. Just ordered one of these along with the Dry Top option. I am looking forward to try it.

  5. Woof Dog says

    I got a  michael phelps snorkel  and when I do my flip turns  I  almost drown

  6. Woof Dog says

    They work great , I'v increased my lungs , just wear a nose clip

  7. Rama Johannes Ruggeberg says

    Prefer much more the new Powerbreather from Ameo, no water comes in you can make turns, and you breath better, for serious swimmers the better option

  8. jkelly6620 says

    I was impressed by all the positive reviews so I bought one.  I had a pretty bad experience in that the purge valve was useless and water would accumulate in the snorkel during a normal freestyle stroke.  Disappointed.

  9. toddmg says

    In the last four years I have taught myself freestyle using the internet. Snorkel swimming has been maybe most important aspect of my training. It simplifies your task by eliminating the element of breathing (one less thing to do/think about). But don't use it for more than 50% of your training because you'll lose sufficient rotation in your stroke.For freestyle the "freestyle snorkel" is MUCH better because it allows you to put your head down in proper position whereas with the standard snorkel you have to tilt your head way up to get the snorkel end out of the water.

  10. thaik56 says

    Is it worth getting the freestyle model?

  11. puntoclave says

    Took me two laps to get used to breathe with it. Not perfect but great for rehab.

  12. Ali Rashid says

    Excellent. I used it for rehab. Wprked nice.

  13. Donald Duke says

    How does your son manage to breathe out of his nose if he wears a clip?

  14. Boating Water Sports says

    My 12 year old is a competitive swimmer and loves this product as an addition to his 'play time'. He does need a nose piece to be comfortable – cheep addition.

    here is the link to it in case anyone is interested: amzn.to19cZhNu

  15. RBSRBSRBS says

    just what i did too

  16. Sarine Thomas says

    I use it to train myself in technique and commit movements to muscle memory and then i take it off to focus on learning to breathe

  17. Balithazzarr says

    I am an adult. very novice. but did I understand this correctly? will I receive more air with the junior snorkel? I just want to have fun… not be deprived of air…

  18. michaela dorsey says


  19. michaela dorsey says

    @MarineKingPride why do u suck in water in the first place

  20. BlueSeaWendy says

    Try a nose clip, that's what I did and it was fine, didn't even notice it.

  21. BlueSeaWendy says

    I am a long distance cold water ocean swim'r. I injured my neck & can't turn for air for now. I tried the longer model yesterday for the first time. There was chop in the sea. I FREAKIN LOVE this thing! I found it super easy to use. All of my muscles relaxed and I got to focus on how they felt for the first time. Usually I'm pounding my way thru the sea. Breathing was easy and NO water got in at all. Navigation was simple, barely lift my head to see. I recommend trying it for yourself!

  22. louise Hill says

    you can you just have to do a hard blow out as you reach the surface- they show it in another video

  23. Vanessa Young says

    They use this all the time at my year round swim practice, and the place where I swim, has brought up Olympians.

  24. jampumper says

    wow, I guess if you learn to swim freestyle with this thing like the kid in the video, you'll never be able to learn to breath and turn properly :((

  25. gamergod says

    didnt think you could flip turn with it on…

  26. Harry L says

    The freestyle snorkel chokes me all the time. So I ordered a longer finis snorkel with the little area at the bottom, it has not arrive yet, but i hope it won't choke me as often after each flip turn. because it really hurts when u need air and u suck a mouth full of water and choke.

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