Scuba Diving for Beginners : How to Use Scuba BCD

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Tips for using scuba bcd flotation device. Learn how to use your buoyancy compensator device in this free scuba diving lesson.

Expert: Cole Abbott
Bio: Cole Abbott is currently working as a divemaster in Kauai, Hawaii. He holds many certifications through PADI, including Wreck Diver, Night Diver, Fish Identification and Search and Rescue.
Filmmaker: Amy Miyajima

Rating: 4.39

  1. Minnesota Girl says

    Thank u so much I have a class on Monday I did not know what it was but I knew what it did #yousavedmybut

  2. Lyman Duggan says

    No mention of why a buoyancy compensatory is needed. Wet suits compress as you go deeper and pressure increases. Wet suits are neoprene (foam) and full of air bubbles and these compress one atmosphere every (approx) 33 feet of depth so at 33 feet the suit has half the buoyancy of surface pressure. As you go deeper it compresses more and has less lift or buoyancy. You can compensate for this easily with a BCD. In an emergency you can take a few breaths from it if it has any inflation. Many dives below 250' Continental Shelf for Black Coral. Really needed then. Octopus decompression at two stages on accent, etc.

  3. harish chhikara says

    Gr8!! I'm soon going to try contact EXPLOITA to try the luks mesmerizing!!!

  4. Gaganpreet Singh says

    yes jatinder ,,EXPLOITA has its experts team which give tips n precautions before doing any adventure sports.

  5. Jatinderpal Singh says

    its nice….!

    does "" also provide lessons for beginners in scuba diving……?? any idea.?

  6. lgttb1 says

    just 35 years ago they were called BC's but now they are BCD's what next ?

  7. yoderjjy says

    Why the negative comments? I'm happy to see a simple to the point video on some of the gear and what's it used for. I didn't know that the vest had air bladders to help control buoyancy. Good video.

  8. sgtfury99 says

    Idiot you don't tell people on you tube how to use this, when you learn to scuba dive they teach you! dont just go telling people cause then some moron will just jump in the water and try it and press the button that deflates it and drown

  9. Omar Messallam says


    ur a crumb

  10. onthewingshot says

    @tecno57 Yea really eh, all the shit hes going on about you can tell just from looking at the damn bcd, and "glorified life preserver?" its a buoyancy compensator, exactly what the name states, and it holds the tank octos regulator. Expertvillage should not have steped into this department.

  11. tecno57 says

    Just what the Diving sport needs. Now I can read about more dip-shit people who watch this and think, I am a diver now. Go out diving and we can all read about them when they die under water because they did not know shit. Hey guy, you might think you are helping but you are NOT.

  12. Eddie Santiago says

    I realize that your comment is really meant to be helpful but get a (&^%% life. He was just trying to teach….be part of the solution not part of the problem…..

  13. William Bentley says

    @krasteller ya that's what I ment to say I should start reading what I type

  14. SAJA MADI says

    @pidiver1954 IT SAVED MY LIFE.!

  15. William Bentley says

    For all you watching this who don't dive yet PlEASE don't take your lessons from a expert instructor for your own safety

  16. xiuxiablue says

    what brand is that BCD

  17. Steven Simpson says

    Integrated weight belts are bad. Why? Because if you ever need to dump your weights you have to look for the pouch and take them out, a regular weight belt where u can just pull on it and it comes off is much safer

  18. Steven Simpson says

    No not really, as long as you listen to your instructor and keep a cool head you will do great

  19. HJPsullyCat says

    is scuba diving kinda…. hard? ill probably gonna start in a couple days now and im reallly exited

  20. s030141 says

    I have a problem. When i go snorkelling/scuba diving, i cant dive deep very far because of pressure in my sinuses, i have no problems equalizing pressure in my ears but my sinuses do no equalize at all. Please Help

  21. ZACKALACK8999 says

    one, you failed to spell buoyancy and device correctly, and the acronym can be used for either. Buoyancy compensating device is probably more common. You should try to have at least some validity to your assertions before making them Pete.

  22. Mokhammad Misdianto says

    This video is nice for beginners to matter you are pursuing PADI or SSI or else..

    Great, thanks!

  23. Jimmy Walters says

    I love my b.c.
    I have a sherwood b.c. with weight integrated.
    plenty of pockets for hotdogs

  24. NauiDiver91 says

    you forgot to mention why back inflation is bad. When waiting at the surface of the water for a boat. It will force you face first into the water. You can lean it farther back to help keep the BCD from doing just that but still you have to use some effort in kicking so you stay up. Now if you're looking for the top of the line BCD buy the Oceanic Out Trigger, watch a video explaining why & how it works as a back inflation and a jacket. OCEANIC OUT-TRIGGER its worth searching! believe me…

  25. solamisandwich05 says

    I'm taking a 5month long course on scuba diving next semester and Ive never breathed underwater without a snorkel. It sounded awsome months ago but as it nears Im getting uber anxiety about the whole thing. If anyone has any suggestions to ease my conciense, could someone send me PM about what to expect and such?

  26. Louis Herbert says

    you have to be 14 to do your PADI as your lungs will be fully developed:)

  27. Sandy Clark says

    i'd take the lessons and go it the conventional way so as not to skip any important factors.

  28. Kief002 says

    yes you can I'm 14 and I'm advanced

  29. General says

    yes you can! my sister took it and she was 12 years old…

    she was the youngest person in norway…at that time…good luck!

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