Best Dive Gear Holders, Lanyards and Accessories of 2018

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This video introduces divers to the best dive gear holders, lanyards and accessories.
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These include Octo or alternate air source holders and Gauge leashes.

Edge-Hog Dive Gear has many items that are needed by new and experienced divers alike.

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  1. Moto Man says

    I am looking for the lanyard and bungee that is shown first in the video to secure the gauge. I did not see it for sale on the website. Where can I get one of those?

  2. Edge-Hog Dive Gear says

    MrHyde, I did not take your 1st comment as a neg. remark… and your follow on remark is really very good. Matter of fact, I tested exactly what you stated as your experience…
    I took that very same blue mag. octo holder in the video, along with my Suunto retractable compass and did a test as you described.
    Mag holder on my chest, compass in my hand, arm extended in front of me 12" as I would if in an up-right position.
    – Result aprox 2 degrees change.
    Mag holder on my chest, compass in my hand "as if I were swimming with it", 16" from mag. and barely 1 degree of change.
    Mag holder attached at my right side BCD pocket D-ring, arm extended with compass as if swimming with it, 24" away… no effect on compass.
    Great test ! and thank you for your comments. I may even do a video on this at some point.

  3. MrHydeJekyl says

    Magnet octopus holder AKA how to screw up your compass and get lost under water device

  4. francesco patania says

    very usefull.. thank u man

  5. Nuno Girão says

    Now put everything in the horizontal position. Pressure gauge and octopus hanging down, away from your body. Sure, much better than nothing, but still keeps things too much away.

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