First OTS Guardian Full Face Diving Mask Unboxing Video in a Drysuit!

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This is the first OTS Guardian Full Face Diving Mask Unboxing video while wearing a complete DUI drysuit! 🙂

I was so excited to receive my first ever Full Face Mask and I wanted to be original, so why not dressing in my drysuit to unbox it! Plus, it was raining like cats and dogs the day I received it hehe.

Thanks so much to the OTS staff for sending it so quickly and for their awesome service and courtesy 🙂

Camera: Sony A7III with 16-35mm F4 lens
Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro

Music: Tradition – Jolly Old Saint Nicholas Holiday Edition (Instrumental Version)
(Music license purchased via Go check it out!)

Rating: 4.60

  1. Chén-Xī Tián says

    Sry another question, how do you equalize with the full mask

  2. Chén-Xī Tián says

    What happen if it fog up

  3. Jeffrey Bohémier says

    Love your video. Enjoy your new mask. Once you’ve used a full face mask, it’s really hard to switch back. I use the Ocean Reef Predator. Absolutely love it. It doesn’t leak a drop despite my full beard. Your video is very creative. Obviously you don’t skimp when it comes to your scuba gear. Despite my being in north east Florida, like you, I too prefer to dive dry. Hope to get over to Iceland for some exceptionally clear water diving. And as that water’s about as cold as it can get without freezing, having a full face mask will be a huge plus!!! When I come across another diver with a similar mask to dive with, I’ll add in the communications. Being able to talk to your buddy during the dive will definitely open up further adventures in our underwater universe.

  4. Todd Larue says

    That’s awesome. Your gonna love diving with it. My wife and I got ours last week and have used it 3 times already.

  5. István Nagy says

    Sorry if I ask something stupid. I'm totally newbie to the topic of diving.
    So is this mask even allows you to talk to others if you install some kind of radio comm. device inside?
    I mean I know divers mainly use hand gestures to communicate with others underwater, but would this be an option? Could you even talk in it if it's under pressure?

  6. Jeff Morgan says

    Great video man! Happy for you. Just a few weeks ago I go try fist IDM. I got the Ocean Reef G.Divers mask. Regardless of the brand and models I hope you have a great dive experience with yours.. I plan on adding the comm to my mask later on down the road. Check out some of my dive recovery videos at #SeattleRingHunter Cheers!

  7. uplinkpdx says

    Great mask. I'm planning on adding one to my aresenal soon. I have a question though. I noticed the drygloves on your DUI. What type of system are you using?

  8. rubbvigo39 says

    I am excited IIIo oIII

  9. Symbol 24 says

    HAhaha ta tellement lair heure max!

    jespere que ca ete le fun a faire ce ti video!

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