Kayak Anchor Line Storage Mod With Scuba Dive Reel ~ I Like It

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I finally found an awesome kayak anchor system that will work on any kayak. You will want to do this kayak anchor mod to simplify the times you use your anchor. It seems like I’ve been on a long journey to get my kayak anchor system just the way I want it. I have come up with yet another kayak anchor mod that I think is an improvement over my last modification. I don’t usually have a need to anchor in deep water so this mod is for relatively shallow waters. I discovered another Youtuber using a Scuba Dive Reel as part of his anchor system. I like what I saw so I found a scuba dive reel on Amazon and made the anchor mod. The Scuba Reel allows you to deploy the anchor line via a thumb lever. You can retrieve the anchor line with a small handle that will reel the line back on. The entire kayak anchor system is small and compact and uses the 3 lb. grapnel anchor that is common among kayak fishermen and fisherwomen.

Here is the Amazon link for the Scuba Dive Reel.

Here is the Amazon link for the kayak anchor system.

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Here is a link to my video showing you how to install an anchor trolley.

Here is a video I made about my kayak anchor setup.

Here is a video I made doing an update to my kayak anchor.

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Rating: 4.38

  1. john says

    Hey Steve, do you think one could mount the reel on the kayak and just run the line through the ring?

  2. MrFlamingawesome says

    One of the best anchor line management systems I've seen to date. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Signcarver Mike says

    Have you tried the retractable clothes line, what’s great about it is it rewinds the anchor line by itself, no cranking.

  4. medip says

    Get to the point…

  5. John Wessinger says

    Hey Steve what did you do with all your money man?

  6. jlstarman says

    Very nice setup. Thanks for the video…

  7. Maurice Smith-Ziegler says

    Steve, unsure about crank, mainly because I've not tried it yet, but I really like the anchor holder. That will definitely be my next project. Thanks for sharing

  8. Ryan Liggatt says


  9. Slronhill hill says

    I love this anchor system. Thanks for sharing!!!

  10. David Heath says

    Yeah Steve no worries, This is my first Kayak still rigging it up hopefully get it on the Ocean soon, Cheers !!

  11. David Heath says

    Cool Steve, Just brought one will try it with the original line first, if it does tangle will change it, Thanks looks a great set up!!!

  12. kev0M6 says

    What's the thickness of the line of the anchor and how many feet would love to know

  13. BEN10TO10 says

    Great idea. What diameter cord are you using, looks about 6mm ish

  14. John Lee says

    Steve… that sucked!! jk good idea 🙂

  15. Random Dude says

    Seems cool for a lot of people. Im not digging it because of all the crap that will be on the real when I fish in vegetation.

  16. Scott Fleischhauer says

    The float goes on the anchor side of the scuba reel… a length of rope tied to the reel, through the trolley ring, and secured to the boat with some sort of a quick release within reach of your cockpit. Emergency disconnect. The way you have it the float won't go through the trolly ring, thus no way no quick release from your kayak.

  17. Fred Block says

    Thanks for this video! How much of that heavier cord were you able to load onto your reel? I'm sure the amount is relative to the diameter but I'm looking for a rough number. I received the same reel as a gift and will be setting mine up very soon. Currently I have the same setup but use a cord keeper (not a reel) to spool the anchor line. Thanks!

  18. ultimatebowhunter says

    Very nice rig Steve thank you for the great video I believe this is what I'm going to go with for my new kayak 🙂

  19. Michael Prevost says

    New sub great tip ill have to order one for my kayak

  20. THERE SHE FLOATS! says

    What would the weight capacity be for this system?? i use 10lb and 15lbs anchor

  21. Shamanic Vibrations says

    Nice system, but you might want to snug that cable tie, at the anchor top, down really well. The plastic that the cable ties are made out of does have stretch in it. The longer the loop, the more stretch. As you are pulling the line, the cable tie is stretching and you will have to pull harder to break it. Cable ties have sharp edges. As you are pulling, the line is sawing against the cable tie and creating the possibility of sawing through the line.

  22. Josey4u says

    Man I just found your channel. This is probably the best mod I have seen for an anchor.

  23. yakin reds says

    Nice system. How much line does it hold after you put the rope on

  24. Keith Lapere says

    Love Love Love this system. Use it in deep waters.
    Got the idea off of Cornish Shore and Kayak Fisherman channel back in 2014.

  25. Chris12LeakFan4Ever says

    Just bought one, thank you!

  26. Melissa Meadows says

    I'm planning on doing a setup similar to this using a 5lb kettle weight. My husband and I don't usually fish, but I love to grab my camera and take pictures of my surroundings. An anchor is a necessary evil for great shots.

  27. kevin andrews says

    I Use mine when diving on a drift dive , tied off to a bright float mt friends in a boat can follow me easily

  28. Tim Babin says

    I notice  you have your cord attached at the bottom of the anchor and then you have it attached at the top with a zip tie, what is the reasoning for that. If it gets stuck, the zip tie will break and it is easier to back pull the anchor?

  29. Stormy Outdoors says

    Sometimes you dont have to reinvent the wheel … Check this out ..


  30. Steve Tautog says

    hey Steve
    so I also had the same idea as you
    which was to look into the divers world
    and yep there were many reels to choose from
    and the quality an price offered reels from 25 to 200
    go to Leisure Pro, for example

  31. John McGowan says

    I have been looking for a good review on the scuba anchor reel. I have used retractable dog leashes years ago but they rusted out. Your set up is exactly the same as the one I used with the dog leashes. I like the pvc tube idea to store the anchor. I have given up on the claw type and have gone to a 5lb barbell. I hate the noise claw anchor but your pvc tube idea makes it worth revisiting.

  32. Larry Williams says

    Hey Steve. Hope the knee feels better . Iam working on my anchor system. How many feet of line on the anchor reel . I got a hundred feet for my anchor . I got 550 cord I think it well strong enough. For anchor line .

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