Waterproof Diving Dive CREE XPE LED Flashlight by Drhob review and giveaway

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Drhob 1pc CREE XPE – special waterproof fixed-focus dive light flashlight (not including battery)

Material: Aluminum Alloy +Plastic Body
Super bright LED flashlight. Battery: 4 X AA battery (Not Included)
Professional flashlight for diving, diving depth reach 50 to 60 meters.
More than 25 meters effective distance of light under the water.
Suitable for Self Safety, hunting, cycling, climbing, camping and outdoor activity…….

High power white LED life-span up to 100,000 hours, avoid replacing bulbs. Windbreak rain protetion waterproof, easy to deal with harsh outdoor environment Continuous working time is not less than 140 hours. Switch: ON/OFF. Suitable for Self Safety, hunting, cycling, climbing, camping and outdoor activity……. Package Includes: 1 x Flashlight

Rating: 4.39

  1. Chris Quick says

    For a dirt cheap diving flashlight (I got mine for like $4 on eBay from China), it isn't too bad. I've taken mine on a few dives around 70 feet deep, and it's worked fine. Now, I probably wouldn't take it cave diving, but for a cheap little light, it works great.

  2. youli Li says

    please search goldengulf diving light, much better

  3. Jonathan Vildosola says

    Probably the worst review ever. You basically taught people how to put in Double-A batteries

  4. Jon Fol says

    No good. Seawater will rust the screw on the switch. And the flashlight will no longer turn on.

  5. Julio Guerra says

    How much is it

  6. Pal Toshiba says

    I got one and is cool

  7. Pataka Lang says

    mine the 18650 battery doesnt fit

  8. why bother getting a diving flash light when a maglight flashlight will work better

  9. Fadi Azrai says

    will it work for spearfishing?

  10. Sam Brown says

    That's not a Cree. That is a Epistar LED. They're way cheaper and are way worse than Cree.

  11. Lawrence Farkash says

    What an interesting light. USA

  12. Rhett Oracle says

    Waterproof light that color coordinates with my rubber duckie!

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