Scuba Tech Tips: Replacing a Scuba Regulator Hose – S05E05

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Replacing a regulator hose is something a competent diver should know how to do. Alec shows how easy it can be to replace a high or low pressure hose with basic tools, some knowledge and minimal muscles. Otherwise, have the service professional at your local dive shop do it.

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  1. Highway1 Man says

    Hi Alec. I really enjoy you videos and thank you for sharing your knowledge. I just replaced a hose on primary. I followed your instructions using two wrenches etc. After I was done the reg would free flow as soon as the air was turned on, not even submerged. It had to be adjusted to correct it. Whilst replacing the hose I noticed the fitting may have moved ever so slightly and I tried to ensured it was exactly as it was when attaching the new hose. If that fitting moves slightly (if it did it is no more than 1/8 of a turn) can that cause the free flow. Thanks for any advice you may offer.

  2. Robadex says

    I tecently got a scuba regulator for free
    I went ant got it serviced right away
    The hoses are in good shape
    But 20 years old
    Should i get new ones?

  3. Greatwhite sharky says

    Alec why do you hold the big spanner against the 2nd stage please before/after replacing the hose? Thanks

  4. phm14 says

    No lube for the o rings?

  5. Tony Wu says

    Hi Alec, thanks for all your videos.
    I recently bought a new regulator, trying to put my old SPG and octopus on the new first stage, but my old gear are all salted and a bit corrosion under the hose protector.
    I will try some warm water and vinegar to clean it. Can I get some suggestions from you?

  6. Malte Birkner says

    Hi Alec, hope you are reading this.
    I have a scubapro regulator and I want to change the hose to a long hose. But the connection is different/kinda shredded. How can I myself change the hose there? Would I need 2x a kinda adjustable pipe wrench?


  7. Rich Pfaff says

    Thank you for the information.

  8. CharlieP says

    I just replaced the regulator hose on my 30 year old USD Conshelf 21 reg. It was easy – no leaks. The best advice I got here was to NOT over tighten the hose at the LP port and to NOT take the LP fitting off the regulator. I was going to take that fitting off to clean it – but changed my mind after watching this – cleaned it on the 2nd.

  9. Dominique Noire says

    My 2nd stage is s600 on a swivel. How do I remove the hose please ?

  10. MDO VIDEO says

    Hi Alec I haven't been scuba diving in almost 2 years, should I practice in a pool before I go out into the ocean

  11. FD says

    Do you use 75 or 90 duro o-rings on the LP port side hose?

  12. cochinaable says

    How do you remove a stuck high pressure hose from the first stage? I don't want to force it cause it might break.

  13. cochinaable says

    Where can I buy a bench valve?

  14. Ferdy Nadzir says

    Mr Peirce! Thank you for the wonderful tutorials. Getting golden tips off the books via your splendid experiences servicing, diving and good old days. I’ve just identified your YouTube today and will subscribe and learn LOADS of things from you. Will be changing my hoses by myself tomorrow, identify the leak, inspect the condition of the O Rings and test it out firmly. I was lucky enough to see your videos before I (imagine) fixing it myself that might damage my parts. Again, thank you for the tutorials and sending respects from Malaysia. Ferdy.

  15. Aturayd says

    Are hose protectors necessary to buy? My new regulator set didn't come with any on the hoses. Would it be better to add them or leave the hoses the way they are? Thanks! I enjoy your videos.

  16. David Knauss says

    what about adding heat shrink tubing to the ends of the hose protector? then you can protect the hose protector, while keeping your hose protected…lol

  17. Aristotle Penaranda says

    Mr. Alec, would it be better or worse to remove the hoses from the first stage if the gear will be stored for 3 months or longer? Just put the port plugs in place, the hoses can be coiled better and the first stage can be placed inside a thick pouch to provide better protection during storage or travel. Assemble again only when preparing for a dive trip and keeping on hand spare o-rings and tools.

  18. rynochef says

    Alec, I have a scubapro mk11-c350 that is brand new and before I use it I'd like to replace the hose with a mifex swivel. Scubapro claims they use a "super-flow" hose. Should I anticipate any changes in ambient airflow to second stage (by switching hoses) and therefore a need to adjust second stage prior to use? Thanks for your help!

  19. That will work.  Thank you, I just received a regulator set from E-bay described as, "great condition".  Never mind that pesky leak on the SPG hose.  Well, now I know what to do.

  20. Gary Smith says

    Can't thank you enough for all the good videos… wife is getting back into diving & we watch your videos on (all)your
    subjects….really good & entertaining!! 🙂

  21. b obar says

    Mr. Alec I just want to say thank you for the knowledge! I have been rec diving for only 6 years. I average about 18 dives a year with 12 or so being in the same week in pretty blue water annually. I have my gear serviced every year before that week. I have found, like with most things these days, you don't always get what you pay for. So to protect the wife and I, I am finding my self doing more service to my gear and purchasing back up items to insure a pleasant week diving. So Thank you for teaching me a ton of things. I look forward to watching all of your videos and reading the FAQ's from fellow divers. Congrats on your retirement and please keep the knowledge coming I appreciate YOU.  (PS without reading your FAQ's I would have put silicone grease on everything on a new BC hose 🙂  Brian from Ark/La

  22. yiannis georgiou says


  23. yiannis georgiou says


  24. yiannis georgiou says

    Hi Alec thank you for your videos thank you for your tips!!!!! Its not in the book. YOU ARE THE BOOK!!!! PLEASE IF CAN DO A VIDEO FOR HOW TO SERVICE A REGULATOR AND FOR PROBLEMS THAT HAPPEN

  25. Matthew Lawrence says

    I find it entertaining to watch your videos. So laid back and enjoyable!

  26. Chällerschwii says

    Hi Alec

    This Video helps a lot. I just changed settings for holidays (sea water, one 1.Stage). Normally I dive with two 1. Stages in Freshwaterlakes of Europe (because of the risk of iced 1. Stages).
    The Setting is not easy and i did it wrong the first time (the hose to the drysuit and the hose to BCD from the same 1.Stage…). This would lead to loss of buoyancy control, if one 1.Stage has to be turned temporarily off in case of an iced system.

    And then there is the problem of space and best hose setup…
    A tectipp would probably safe a lot of time screwing and checking.

    I'll keep on watching and learning.
    Thanks a lot for checking
    Yours Peter

  27. Sas EM says

    You are the Bob Ross for dive equipment! Thank you for sharing your wisdom Alec

  28. Adric Norris says

    Alec, what are your thoughts on using hose protectors with flex hoses? I'm thinking of removing them from my gear, and have received conflicting opinions on whether or not that's a good idea.


  29. Hitesh Dulandas says

    Mr Alec, thankyou for this video, it has been amazingly helpful. can u explain or make a video on air2s system of scubapro. i dont see a lot of videos or guide on it. as to why the ask. its because it uses a different inflator hose attachment than the normal one and not a lot of info to service or guide to maintain is available. thankyou hope u pick up my request i have an scubapro air 2 system in all my bcd 2nd gen was the first now i have the 4th gen.

  30. Kyle Johnston says

    Hey ALec, any tips in changing the regulator hoses from Scubapro, they dont have the conventional hexanut set up and have some silly toothed thing. Cheers!

  31. Steve Snider says

    On what o rings would silicon grease be used I was always taught to grease o-rings Obviously not on scuba but pneumatic and hydronic fittings I have a leaking high pressure hose and have ordered a new one and was planning on greasing it until I read a reply to a previous comment advising not greasing the oring Love your videos

  32. Faris Abdulkhadir says

    Hi Alec thank you for another amazing tech tip. my inquiry is regarding lubricating the threads. is that necessary and if so can you elaborate more on it. Thank you

  33. TheOldManEric says

    Thanks for this one. Ive been pulling the hose protector back every time I rinse my kit now. Another example of things I didn't know I didn't know!

  34. Mika Vakkilainen says

    Thank you for a good explanation of hose replacement and maintenance.

  35. Holland Hollywood says

    Alec we love you and wish you live for ever.

  36. lincoln ferguson says

    Hi Alex I've seen the wing bcd video but can you please do a video on hybrid bcd's (would you purchase one as your first bcd over a stab jacket) in terms of value/ practicality

  37. Bill Scurry says

    This is compulsory! I'm happy to know this and to be a blessing to do it myself at home.

  38. Bogy 1 Kinoby says

    Can you do a video on a proper wing setup??? Your scuba tech tip on wings, wasn't great because they weren't wings, they were just (wing-styled bcds). Please do it again…

  39. Joshua Wade says

    First, congratulations on your retirement. I have a question about when to get my regulator set serviced. I have watched all of your videos on maintenance and cleaning the first stage and octo and I follow them religiously after every dive. I am trying to understand if this maintenance precludes the need to get the regulator overhauled every year by a certified technician, or if the yearly service done by a dive shop is necessary or even just prudent. Thanks,

  40. Tabucito says

    Mr Peirce
    Thanks for your wonderful videos !
    I'm a comercial diver , I usually dive in cero visibility conditions.
    I would like to know if there's any "new" device for underwater navigation with audio (there's no way to see , so maybe there's audio or digital mask to read heading, or other important information.
    Thank you!

  41. stuart cox says

    Hi Mr Peirce thanks for yet another great video, what's your thoughts on that i/we should perhaps apply a little O'ring grease or vaseline on the fittings before sliding the hose protectors into place? Would that help protect the fitting ect a little more or cause more problems in between cleaning intervals??

  42. Jim Schnurr says

    Thanks again. I have run into hoses being lose coming out of my gear bag. You might emphasize checking hoses for tightness and leaks at the beginning of the dive season and before you leave on a dive trip. Easier to learn from tech tips then hard knock experience. Once again thanks for doing these.


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