1. DroPsyDro says

    about the spgs, I wonder why they should be routed backwords. I mean what are the situations they most likely get entanglet? right, in tight restrictions (where you realy don't want it to happen)! so how do we pass a restriction? either with the bottles mounted on our sides because we think it is wide enough or we get the bottles in "pistole hold". In pistole hold, the spg now is looking the other way around and when we leave our bottles mounted on the sides and we can not pass the restriction and have to swim back, well, they again are routed in the wrong side supporting an entanglement. thats why my spgs are mounted the other way around with the benefit that I can easely read the during my dives

  2. Fpk3211 says

    Will ISE be represented at BOOT?

  3. leo gaillard says

    Hi Achim, thanks for this video.
    I totally get the point on why having two short hoses instead of a more common short left long right, even personally using this one as I'm mostly diving with people using different config, and donating a tank isn't always possible, but I was wondering on why having a shorter hose one your right tank, as the hose have to cross your chest from the right first stage to your left shoulder, then behind the head, coming from the right in your mouth, wich makes a greater distance than the left one, wich doesn't have to cross your chest. Then I don't really get the point of having a shorter right hose than left hose.

  4. I'm not a text diver but I'm just curious, why would color coded hoses be a bad thing?

  5. Dragos Ardeleanu says

    Hi Achim,

    Where could I order the side-mount manual? (I live in Berlin)

  6. Frederick Espino says

    Thank you for showing the length of hoses.

  7. Philipp Oppermann says

    I am considering buying a second Atomic T3, which has the same outlet for the LPI – do you think the swivels Atomic has originally would suffise to bend the hose comfortably (instead of the 90 or 45 degree version)?

  8. InnerSpace Explorers - ISE says

    "Pilze Ahoi" just commented here asking about the long hose in sidemount. For some od reason the commend is not visible (?) – anyway – here´s the answer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdDYC66tpio&t=38s

  9. Elmar R says

    Hi Achim, I really like your video’s, vision and explanations, but please buy a good microfone;)

  10. James InEngland1 says

    Hi Achim,
    Please can you explain why you placed the double-enders on the second stage and attach them through the cave line going through the regulator exhaust?

  11. ScubaTastic says

    I appreciate this video, tx!

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