PDE Bright Weights

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SWIM LIKE A FISH…The philosophy behind the Bright Weights system. By using the various pieces of lead divers can perfect their boyancy and trim and reduce strain on the lower back.

Hard lead options…

Attached to the Bright Weight system the 0.5kg bullet style weight naturally fits into the Bright Weight belt but can also be used in anklets, shoulder straps and clip on holsters.

1.5kg lead bars are specially designed for the Bright Weight cylinder harness; strap to your tank and adjust to fit. Moving lead from your waist to your cylinder and ankles helps distribute your weight so you are fully balanced. Moreover, you reduce the risk of lower back pain.

Soft Lead options…

Flex 1 kg weight pockets are elongated in shape and therefore ideal for use in the intergrated pockets of BCDs. The lead in the Flex bag is packed in a high quality polyethylene film and the outer bag is made ​​of coarsely woven nylon.

The Combi Pack, available in 0.5kg 1kg or 2kg pouches. These smart flat soft lead packs are multifunctional, looping easily onto conventional weight belts or use in weight pockets in your BCD.

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  1. J C says

    So you only see what is happening under you and at the end of dive you have a strong neck pain . But you will be cool tech diver…..

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