How to Keep Your Dive Mask From Fogging

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This video covers methods to keep your scuba mask fog free.

DIVING IS ALL ABOUT SEEING and exploring the underwater world. Most people experience this unique setting only by viewing it on a screen, but as divers, the mask serves as our portal to a first-person experience of the aquatic realm. The scuba mask is typically constructed of a flexible material, such as silicone, and designed to fit the face, including the eyes and nose. The mask is designed with a skirt that seals the mask to the face to keep water out and provide an air space so the eyes can focus underwater. It has a tempered glass lens (or lenses) for viewing. One drawback of the mask is its tendency to fog. In this video we’ll examine how to select, prepare and care for the scuba mask, including how to keep it fog-free and clear it easily while diving.

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This video is for demonstration purposes only and not intended to replace formal scuba instruction. For more information, contact your local dive center.

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