Atomic Aquatics Frameless 2

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Extraordinary view. Unparalleled comfort.
The latest evolution of the Frameless Mask uniquely combines two grades of silicone molded together to create the most comfortable mask in the water. Along with all the features that made the Atomic Frameless Mask popular with avid divers who want a wide, clear view, the Frameless 2 is even more comfortable over hours of dive time. A special sealing flange is co-molded with a softer grade of silicone for a soft touch. The Standard, Medium and Large fits/sizes are perfect for every face shape.

Rating: 4.80

  1. Scott Smith Media says

    These masks are seriously the best

  2. ThrustmasterD says

    I have 400 plus dives over 11 years. I bought this mask and it would get foggy no matter what I did. I used toothpaste to remove film twice. Used soft scrub containing bleach twice as well. Used Seagull mask pre cleaner 5 times. The mask would still get foggy after 2 minutes of snorkeling. Finally, I used the abrasive side of dish washing sponge with Seagull to remove the film and scratched the mask all over. What a waste of $200. I will never again buy anything made by Atomic Aquatics ever again

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