Weight System Guide

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A secure weight belt or weight harness is a critical safety item for any diver, it must be able to be released quickly in an emergency allowing you to drop your weights but be secure not to come loose during normal diving activities. Those shown here are the best available.
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  1. manosbak says

    nice video, i started with the classic belt , the same seac you show in the video, but now i use integrated in the bcd, either way feels easy. I 'd like to notice that when you use integrated weights, in the bcd you need to be careful after the dive, when you take of your bc, not to leave it carelessly standing because it may fall from the weight and damage itsself, especially if you use a 15lt tank which is taller than the 12lt

  2. Never2old-SD says

    Integrated in the BC

  3. Anata no Shi says

    I'm gonna try a few of these thanks for the info!

  4. Rebecca Carlgren says

    Great and informational video mark! Good!

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