Fins for Freediving | Everything you Need to Buy the Best Fins for You!

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Fins for freediving and absolutely everything you need to know to get the best fins for you. What are the best freediving fins? Is a question I get asked all the time and the truth is that there is no ‘best fin’ there are simple different fins for different diving styles and ocean conditions.

In this video I talk about the different types of fins that we can use for freediving, the different materials that we use to make the fins, different foot pockets and the different stiffnesses of blades and how to navigate your way through all these factors to find fins that will be best for you.

I speak mostly about Bi-fins in the video but I also touch briefly on monofins as well and why freedivers choose at times to use monofins.

Rating: 4.92

  1. ghholmes says

    Hi Adam, to add to your very informative video. Many new divers will try their fins on like a shoe. You did mention buying a size up if you are using socks (Tip: Try it on with the sock). But it is important when trying fins on to flex the foot (natural diving/swimming position). When standing your finger should be able to squeeze in the side. When foot is flexed it should feel snug.

  2. Dj Shanoon says

    give me those fins my fins is broken i dont have money to buy it…..

  3. ricco panapasa says

    very informative..thanks man

  4. Isidora Cadiz says

    Nice video! I bought a plastic detachable fins. I think they work more than awesome! I can’t imagine how fiber glass or fiber carbon work. Can’t wait to try it!! Thanks

  5. Greg Myrland says

    Very comprehensive information. Most sites want to sell something, this one had lots of helpful details.

  6. areacode777 says

    Hi Adam, thank you for this wonderful video. You are my go to for gear advice. I noticed that you had videos of female freedivers. And I wanted to ask what fins they used because my foot is quite petite. Its 5.5 Aus womens and I have found difficulty in finding a brand that was small enough. And when they did, they were wider than my narrow foot. Or would you recommend custom foot pockets?

  7. Etienne Pagex says

    still waiting for monofin video

  8. Jim Knowles says

    Great video!!

    If you swam rivers with rapids(rocks) in the northwest, would you be concerned about damage to carbon fiber fins?

    I am searching for steelhead game fish……

    just jim

  9. Lucky Dog says

    Adam. Outstanding video and very informative.

  10. Kars says

    Hi Adam, have you tested different pairs of fins in the pool and actually measured the different efficiencies? I know the carbon fins feel lighter and faster, but in practice that may not count for much more efficiency as Dave Mullins indicated with his CWT test of various low to high end fins. I believe he estimated the most difference was about 10% efficiency improvement with the carbon fins. Maybe do a test on video?

  11. bemolable says

    Are the leaderfins carbon fiber ones ok?

  12. 4QWzbaxSzUAq9 says

    Hi Adam … I do mostly lap pool and it takes 36 laps for a mile… I would like to get a full range of motion flexible fin for stiff hips… they don't need to be as long as a freestyle type , so I am wondering if you can recommend a flexible fin for lap pool… thanks for the great info.. JS

  13. Rigging Doctor says

    I just subscribed!
    Grew up snorkeling and thought getting down to 25 feet was impressive. Ha!
    Been sailing around different countries and wanted to learn how to get deeper and longer dives. Thanks for the info and tips!
    (Going to be watching the wetsuit video next)

  14. Geoffrey Blake says

    You’re the best! I’m getting so much out of these lessons as I explore freediving.

  15. Dino King says

    Where do you go free diving, most of the time?

  16. Brock Hay says

    I'm so glad you make videos I went from being dizzy as hell coming up from 12 ft to now diving 3040 ft down feeling safe you're awesome dude

  17. khawass says

    Thanks so much! What do you think of the WEIGHT of the fins? Some say a light carbon fin makes you save energy, some say the weight isn't really an issue, and I have indeed handled some really heavy monofins.

  18. amber leigh says

    Thank you. Getting into this and I'm excited to start

  19. Randall says

    whats the background song

  20. Fredrik Astlid says

    How do you explain that the deep diving carbon blades from suck brand ac C4 is softer and a bit longer and not hearder which you say it should be? Biggest boyancy change is anyway the first 10 meters. So you are right for depths to like 40 meters you get stiffer blade but deeper than that the fin goes softer actually.

  21. Danny Young jr says

    If Post Malone and Russel brand had a baby boy….this is what i suspect he would look like…..

  22. Shini869 says

    Loved it

  23. Dee Cee says

    never seen rubber fins?

  24. Dee Cee says

    forgot rubber fins?

  25. Anthony Van Der Hoeven says

    Hey Adam, thanks for the videos. Where is your shop ?

  26. The Millennial Mermaid says

    Underwater hockey player here! Still getting the hang of freediving and getting all the correct gear! The California coastal waters are COLD. great vid!

  27. Torben Petersen says

    You don´t mention the angle or lack of angle – any comments on this ?

  28. Melvin Tindal says

    Everything needed for Snorkelling, strangely the same!

  29. Przemyslaw Baranek says

    Hi Adam! Just wanted to thank you for creating a channel like yours – my beginner freediving experience improved greatly thank to watching few of your videos and your gear choosing guide helped me to choose the best mask (for me) and it gave me much joy as a result!
    I wanted to ask you for your choice of a watch that you can take with you on most of your not too deep (up to 20 meters) underwater adventures. Would you choose something simple like Casio or something more advance like diving computer? Thank you in advance!

  30. youshouldntclickonme says

    Hey Adam, what do you think of Salvimar One freediving computer. Is it good enough for begginers? I read some reviews but as you are experienced diver, maybe you can tell a few words about it.
    Or can you recommend any other freediving computer but it has to be cheap or in price range as Salvimar one?
    Thank you!

  31. Vert Rex says

    Well I don’t need to buy a monofin positive, negative I can’t use monofins for fun

  32. Jed Lumanas says

    Thank you!

  33. Terminal Cancer says

    So is there a reason people don’t use free diving fins for scuba for maximum propulsion

  34. polina frigole says


  35. chips more says

    hy adam,im from Brunei,im new in this free diving world.can you gift one of your freediving fin?i font have that budget to buy the gear.i only us sport fit pant fr dive.can i have one gear frm u?

  36. Carl F7 says

    What's your opinion on buying fins online? Is the possibility of them misfitting not worth the internet discounts?

  37. Eden Garden says

    I am a beginner in freediving, not diving deep but more shallow, i have the cressi rondinella, are those great for what i want? I am 52 kilogram. Thanks Adam. I love the fins you use, because yes, it does look very sexy hahahaha.

  38. Adam Lev says

    Hi Adam, What about using scuba-style fins that reqire an actual shoe to use? it simplifies reef access in my region, but are there any downsides? why aren't we seening more of them in the freediving community?

  39. tls_99 says

    Anyone else just google underwater hockey

  40. Alucard says

    Can you use these fins also for scuba diving?

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