1. Crashed GFX says

    ngl i just didnt want to watch the dvd version

  2. pizzaivan says

    I'm padi from spain

  3. pizzaivan says

    Whats the name of the first title please.

  4. Jake Jake says

    Thx for this video I have a dialectic disability where I can’t understand what I’m reading this video helps that thank you so much

  5. Cosmic Gamer says

    im looking forward to getting a licence and this video gave me a headstart

  6. SPIRIT DOT says

    This video, because of it's whimsical portrayal of civillian divers, just made me want to become a real diver…..in the military. To hell with civillian dive schools.

  7. pizzaivan says

    Someone know the name of the song starting vídeo? Pelase its very important flor me thx

  8. pizzaivan says

    who is the name of the song starting video?

  9. Patrick Aversa says

    Looks like mr Ford 30:36

  10. Patrick Aversa says

    Helpful going to be a navy seal diver

  11. Patrick Aversa says


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