1. Carlo Kop says

    This works a lot better if you have good horizontal trim. You may want to swim down a bit when you blow air into your SMB

  2. Steve Seargent says

    Thank you Gary, I learnt something today from this

  3. Kamel Ayari says

    Very instructive to the finest level of detail. If I may ask, is there a reason behind the continuous stream of air coming out of your mask?

  4. Pugwash Diver says

    Nah..not for me…I prefer to practice in real environments (Currents/tides), where you are not looking at the sides of the pool for a reference point! Good instruction though on the principles of this skill.

  5. Jason Harrold says

    Great video.

  6. Marc Antoine Abadie says

    Thank you Garry, for this brilliant Demo. One question: What is the rational in clipping the double ender onto the line before deployment vs. clipping it away? Thanks

  7. Peter Moore says

    Awesome demonstration!! Can I ask what smb are you using? Make dimensions ect.

  8. Bryant Gian says

    Hi Garry..this one of the best video on smb deployment. Im currently learning how to deploy my 6ft open bottom smb. My configuration is single tank back mount typical PADI setup for AOW.
    1. Will i able to inflate a 6ft smb at 6m dept using your method shown in the video ?
    2. Will i get too bouyant due to holding the inflated smb while checking for clearance above me.
    3. If deploying under current will this method works ?
    4. Do u have a video on how to setup a smb n spool ? I seen alot videos with the spool n smb separated b4 deploy n have to attached both togather b4 deployment. I find it not that efficient.
    Many thankz for your videos.


  9. Kenneth says

    It's going to be a while before I can get that proficient at buoyancy and trim. Strong. Work.

  10. Roman Markovtsev says

    Amazing video! I learnt new way how to attach clip to spool and smb to the reel!

    Wish only this video has also subtitles, explaining what those gestures mean.

  11. clint seeley says

    Great demo!

  12. Split-Photography says

    Right what i was looking for. Sometimes a pre-rigged dsmb just is nice! (Lot's of divers on deco, ruff sea, etc….) Just shoot and hang! No need for the extra fiddling with mounting it together. (diving thick dry gloves)

  13. Neil Egerton says

    Cheers Gary, I figured it out from the video. Savage stuff. Very secure in both a pocket or clipped to an external D Ring.

  14. MegaMakox says

    Very nice Garry.

  15. Jean-Pierre Verbeke says

    Well, there is a potential danger by inflating the smb by the mouth…. The pressure in the lungs caused by this can accentuate already formed micro bubbles of nitrogene after decompression in shallow depth instead of further releasing them causing deco sickness symptoms. Carefull with that… Better to inflate with the inflator hose or an extra hose.

  16. Julia Huang says

    Hi Garry
    How are you?
    I know you're a diving lover who gives us more advice.and your videos are more amazing .i love them.
    Look forward to your more videos.

  17. Neil Egerton says

    Would like to see how you stow the pre-rigged SMB and spool. Doesn't appear to be the standard way that can easily come undone when removing from pocket.

  18. Richard Pearce says

    Almost as good as mine……..!!!!! :-0

  19. Gary Anderson says

    Great vid Garry. More please!!!

  20. Gerrit Leman says

    Fantastic. I really like the middlefinger gesture 😉

  21. Garry Dallas says

    Sorry about the glitch half way through, the GoPro went off.

  22. Neil Egerton says

    Now that is a solid platform!

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