How to find the best snorkel for you | Freediving tips

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In this video tutorial we are talking about how to find the best Freediving snorkel for you. Its a jungle of snorkels out there and finding the right one cant be easy. I got some pro tips in this freediving video that i’ll like to share with you guys!

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Rating: 4.75

  1. M1n3r Cr4ft3r G4m3r says


  2. Phil Mullins says

    Off topic I love the Eleiko hoodie

  3. Crystal Freediving says

    The simpler the better ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. DavidCross 8818 says

    โ€œNo flexโ€ as itโ€™s flexing.

  5. princess sarragozza says

    You need:
    1:flexible lower half
    2: self-drain valve
    3:splash guard

    If you want to scuba dive

  6. Jake the dog says

    Those snorkels can go up my ass can they

  7. The Twinz says

    I know this is an old video but youburrr what snorkel are you using in the video, what's the black one with the orange tip called.

  8. Thought Frankly says

    snorkels are too short. useless

  9. Ghassen diver says

    you are the best

  10. Nasim Bhanji says

    hey guy. am using my girl friends e mail.ย  Anyway, good info. and willy needs a beatin…..Keith

  11. Julianna Kaye says

    that's not true if you are dipper and dipper water is go inside on the snokel

  12. Benjamin lees says

    look at the camera bro

  13. Luke Zhang says

    What's the point of a j snorkel if you can just hold your breath and go underwater

  14. AnonHeel says

    i have one of those bendable snorkel or gel snorkel simple and it only cost $5 bucks

  15. Zack Van Meter says

    Hey would love to see a video for best underwater flashlights! Reasonably priced lol

  16. Peter Lipari says

    I use the RIFFE stable snorkel. I love it. it doesn't have a top cap for waves but a shield so that the hole at the top is on the back of the snorkel so water doesn't go in. it doesn't have a one way valve on the bottom ether but a chamber at the bottom, so that the excess water that doesn't purge out on the initial blowout gets trapped at the bottom instead of inhaling it!!!! Awesome design, works flawlessly AND DOESN'T wobble at all. becides when underwater I take snorkel out of my mouth for safety underwater.

  17. Elipido Espinoza says

    2 Tumbs up!

  18. M Brady says

    Thanks, it was helpful.

  19. Gabriel Luiz says

    hey youbuur!! how are you?
    I'm 13 and I'm from Brazil, I bought a snorkel set few days ago and The snorkel have The valve and The wave protector. I live on a area without sea and in january i will go to The beach do my first dive!!! and I want to know if The snorkel will disturb my dive, I dont want go deep or something like. If you can chat with me I will be grate ๐Ÿ™‚ (sorry for The english mistakes :p)

  20. Seth :o says

    Seems like the three rules of shopping for something else…

  21. Kilfinnin says

    Hehe hard and stiff :3 ps helpt me luts kool video I think I found the snorkel 4 me ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. Josue Garcia says

    I use a snorkel from a kids set, it works fine cost like 3$ haha

  23. Splash says

    i thought freedivers only use the snorkel at the surface of the water, so does it really matter what kind of snorkel u have?

  24. Xplosive _Churro says

    I'm going to comment on every video you make until you stream again. I will always be here! We want king back!

  25. Kars says

    Good video, with a lot of considerations beginners often miss.
    Especially the tube diameter makes a big difference in ease of breathing, which helps to recover and rest in between dives. Do not use a children's (small) diameter snorkel if you're adult, it will make you tired of breathing much quicker.
    Personally I'll wear my snorkel inside the mask strap, which eliminates the mentioned vibrations, when your swimming.
    Make sure you also rinse the snorkel after use, so it does not grow algae in it.
    Clear snorkels are easy to check for dirt.

    If you like to dive for depth competitions, you put a piece of insulation foam over snorkel so it floats. This allows you to drop it after the last breath on your way down. Your buddy can easily collect it, and secure it or use it to monitor you going down and up; effectively sharing the snorkel ๐Ÿ™‚

    If your new to snorkels, then breathing through them needs to be learned, as most people are not used to breathing through their mouth. How to use a snorkel in the water could be another youtube video demonstrating how to use the tongue as a secure valve, so that any (accidental) ingress water isn't inhaled, and how to clear the snorkel when water gets in. Also how to dive with a snorkel, inhaling, taking it out and duck diving; no deep diving with it remaining in because of the safety reasons involved,ย  regarding recovery time, and blackout drowning security.

  26. Jakub Przybyszewski says

    Great tips! I wish I would have known about not using the dry snorkel before. I used it on my last trip and it kept getting stuck which was a huge distraction. Just a simple tube is all you need. Thumbs up!

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