Scuba Tech Tips: Servicing Your Tank Valve – S05E06

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Every diver uses a tank valve, but do you know what it takes to service it? Alec shows what is involved to fully service a scuba tank valve for those who own tanks or to understand what a service professional does for you.

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Rating: 4.91

  1. rick raub says

    Great video. What about info on the tank valve opening? Isn't there's an o ring behind the opening on the face? I'm trying to stock my save-a-dive box with o rings for the tank valve, but I don't know much about the ring inside the face opening. Can that be changed easy? Thanks!

  2. Florida Bullfrog says

    Great video. I am not a diver. I shoot high powered air guns that fill from 3000 all the way up to 4500 psi. Airgunners like myself use scuba and carbon fiber tanks as fill stations for our guns and we often own our our compressors to fill our tanks with. Great to know how to service our valves.

  3. Ehab Atalla says

    Mr Alec I would like ask a clear question how it’s necessary to use go & no go thread test for every time visual inspection? Pls answer me with reference thank you

  4. Cabo Pulmo Diving Station says

    Mr. Peirce, thank you very much for this channel! I have one question: ¿ why does a tank valve dosn´t fill?

  5. LJT Love says

    That was a very informative video, thanks so much! However, I hope you can find a cameraman who can follow the subject item that is being talked about and focus in next time.

  6. Lance Rexington says

    Alex what do you know about Aqua Lung MK /LV2 egress air tank can you use a Spare Air refill valve or other brand on the Aqua Lung tank to refill the air. Aqua Lungs refill is $200 dollars. Do you have any videos on these type of tanks ?

  7. David Lonneman says

    Alec I have a J valve from an older model steel tank I bought. The tank passed Hydro but the Valve was leaking. I see your video on the valve kit but I wanted to know if I need to worry about a leak in the reserve knob side, Also the burst valve does not seem like a regular burst. No hole on the side. any advice?

  8. Kamran Shaikh says

    Hi Alec, Hope you are doing good. Nice Video.
    Recently I bought my first Aluminium Tank from the only dive store we have. The guy just put valve on cylinder and just hand tight it; no lubrication/silicon and didn't wrench tight the valve. I am worried if this is enough and should be done like this?
    Please suggest

  9. Alain Dumesny says

    great video – learned something new and I do own my own tanks 🙂

  10. African Twin says

    very educational. i like these vids. but the servicing cost here are the same as a new valve. many people even dont service there 1 & 2 stage because of the prices. valve servicing 30 euro, and 1&2 stage 100 euro. thank you for these nice vids.

  11. Miguel Gerov says

    Alec, thanks for the video. I think you should have mentioned, that tanks MUST stored either full or empty, since a partial filled tank, the over pressure release valve would not operated unless thank is full, and in case of a shop or boat fire, the tank will blow up, like I saw in a tank down in Roatan once.

  12. Andrew Starmer says

    Hello Alec, great videos, particularly for those new to diving, thank you, how about some technical advice on what criteria to use when buying first equipment, for example regulators. Andrew S

  13. Bill Scurry says

    Why is a copper ring used instead of a silicone ring? What advantage does metal give when building that seal?

  14. ceriops123 says

    Silicone washer, or teflon washer, after the handle? I thought it was teflon.

  15. David S says

    Alec, What is the recommended time interval to service tank J valves? I have quite a few USD J valves (singles & twin) which always work well, but have never had any service.Thanks for your shows. Dave

  16. Kevin Eon Basheam Fredericks says

    thank you for this tip. I let my dive shop service my tanks

  17. Tom Knudsen says

    Thank you both, very int. video and keep em coming. I would not service my own gear, for that I have an excellent dive store near by. Sadly he is old like you (he he just kidding) he is still young but getting older, and i fear the day he retire. Both as a friend, master instructor and a service person. Still I rather would find a professional to service my gear, just to be safe. But I wonder, how do you get to be a service technition, is there a school or cours for it?

  18. David S says

    Hi Alec.How does a J valve differ in servicing? I don't care what everyone else says, I still use them. Are USD service kits still available for singles and doubles? I should probably get all mine serviced. It's been a while.Thanks for the shows!Dave

  19. Alec I know you will not agree but that copper washer can be reused. Just heat it up with a blow torch and it will be like new. Same thing on the copper washer on your car oil plug…

  20. iVlogBuzz says

    Nice to see you back! Great video!

  21. Lowenski Lopez says

    can you please talk about how computers works regarding deco stops, for example a diver got distracted and the computer doesn't allow you to go up and you need to do a deco stop. regards.

  22. JD says

    I really enjoy your tech tip videos, thanks for all the effort and time you spend doing them.

  23. bristol says

    Thanks Alex some good info, and it reminded me I have to service one of my 15ltr air tanks which is faulty and stored in the cupboard……

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