Scuba Diving Propulsion Techniques

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Essential Scuba Diving Propulsion Techniques are core skills to be mastered for a best scuba diving experience as well as a conscious effort to minimize impact on the surroundings.
At Essential Scuba Training we are inspired by the famous and none the less demanding world of cave diving. This series of video will help you develop the necessary skills to become a better diver.
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  1. DANBI cute says


  2. Nick Kreiner says

    Great examples of fin techniques. 

  3. 1046Fay says

    Very true in what you say; thank you

  4. Jason Renoux says

    Thanks for the comment.
    The same kicks can be done in any thermal protection. Dry or wet, the suit you are wearing shouldn't impair your fin kicks. If it does, it may be too small for you or you may need a custom fit one.

  5. craig smith says

    Try they kicks with a drysuit and it will not go well!

  6. Loud12029 says

    Best compilation of kick techniques I've found. Thanks.

  7. 1046Fay says

    Excellent video…and can only inspire divers to perfect their own technique…

  8. John Vanderbeck says

    You make it look so easy.
    For the flutter kicks are you kicking with your lower legs and just letting the foot flex at the ankle as water pressure pushes it, or are you actually using the ankle muscles as well?

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