Suunto Vyper Dive Computer Review

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The Suunto Vyper has everything a diver needs for diving with standard air or nitrox mixes. The Vyper can also be used as a depth gauge and timer with profile memory which makes it perfect for professional and technical diving applications.

Rating: 4.05

  1. juliijulii1 says

    I need to change the battery, which is fine except I can't even get the computer out of the casing. Is it just brut force or is there a technique?

  2. referee999 says

    how can you factory reset the Vyper ?

  3. Jonathan D'Souza says

    I just changed my battery…. The display works but the buttons won't function at all.. Any suggestions…?

  4. Viper Slide says

    Hello sir;

    Great class but I have a question, when the computer indicate "NO DEC TIME", that means that "THE DIVER NEED DECOMPRESSION TIME OR NOT?". Please let me know thanks.

    Respectfully; Andy

  5. Rebecca Carlgren says

    Is this still a good computer? Or is there any new ones with the same functions?

  6. Felipe Zambrano says

    how do you turn it off

  7. Ady Accounting says

    can anybody tell me about the backlight mode with this dive comp? is it work?

  8. avr iner says

    Thanks !

  9. joe eoj says

    for anyone that wants to replace battery go here….

  10. Arnaldo Carmelo says

    My computer dive, five *!!! 🙂

  11. Garreth Zarb says

    Hi I have The suunto vyper. when you plan your first dive and then make the surface interval for 20min how can you plan your second dive please?

  12. Julian Hopkins says

    I have been searching everywhere to see how to remove the computer from the strap to access the underside to change the battery but can't find this info. anywhere! Can anyone help me please? With thanks Julian Hopkins

  13. moslet says

    PC cable interface: Has the diving industry tried to come together and unify the interface? This is really something that industry should work on as high priority.

  14. LuckyPulpo says

    Thanks a lot, v helpful! I'd never have thought it possible from YouTube comments. 🙂

  15. Dama says

    Submerse it into warm water, not too warm/hot! Add a little normal soap if you want and try to peel it off. Some people might say that you need to remove the strap to take off the rubber housing, but you don't need to remove the strap. Google "how to remove suunto vyper boot scubaboard" – and click the link that takes you to scubaboard forums that says "Thread: How to remove Vyper from the wrist mount?"

  16. LuckyPulpo says

    Did you ever figure this out? I'm still confused as hell how to remove it 🙂

  17. Carcharodon megalodon says

    Does not connect!!! Why?

  18. Carcharodon megalodon says

    How do I set the watch on the right time and date???

  19. Ivo Stornaiuolo says

    Could you make a video about how is possible to remove the battery???

  20. Dama says

    Now make a guide on how to remove that damn bracelet!

  21. John Pearson says

    I cannot get my Vyper Air to download my dives to my computer. I've correctly attached the usb cable to my computer and attacted my computer. Any ideas??

  22. AJ Barton says

    what information can i take off the computer onto my PC?

  23. Simply Scuba says

    Hi there,
    You can turn on the backlight by holding the mode button whilst in dive mode.

  24. Emergency Response Norway says

    Where do you turn on the ligt on the display?

  25. Simply Scuba says

    The difference between the Vyper and the Vyper Air is the Vyper Air has wireless capibilities whereby you can transmit your data witrelessly to your transmitter (Sold Seperately).
    Kind Regards

  26. Simply Scuba says

    Hi there, we can confirm there is a port on the back of the Vyper which will allow you to connect the cable with the specific Suunto fitting to the computer and the USB port will attach to your laptop or PC.
    We hope this assists your enquiry.

  27. mindfreak001009 says

    whats the difference betwen the viper air?

  28. mindfreak001009 says

    underneath the computer is it a usb port? is it had a cover in it or just open?,

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