1. Ethan Mata says

    it works

  2. Steve Mann says

    It doesn't work

  3. jciron 101 says

    There's no boat…

  4. Eric Kort says

    i found the boat n scuba gear,but when i got out of water it came off,it cant be equipped again?

  5. Lilpat Neal says

    Boats not there ps4 version

  6. Jascetro K.I.N.G says


  7. Nick Haynie says

    fyi if its not exactly there just walk around a little and you'll find a dhingy

  8. Anthn -YT says

    OMG thanks so much!!

  9. Bobbie Hogan says

    Thx u

  10. Rage.Dan70 morel says

    Do u guys know how to find a shrk

  11. Sammy says


  12. Sable Drayden says

    Thanks for the video I found it!

  13. xxlady lothianxx says

    Actually works

  14. PESTIL3NCE says

    Wasn't there

  15. John Youngblood says

    Problem is this boat is literally on the opposite side of the map from both places I'm trying to go. That's my biggest complaint about this game is you spend most your time getting from one place to the next..is there a teleport hidden somewhere by chance, that would be ideal.

  16. Layne Taylor says

    I don't think that is true

  17. helmer magnusson says


  18. Boss Joshua 360 says

    If you go on land it turns off but it stays on in water

  19. Boss Joshua 360 says

    Its real i swear i did it try it its real thnxw

  20. Janice Guevarra says

    Hello your the best and very very thank you

  21. cazzan the gamer says

    Fake don't waste your time

  22. Aaron Gaming & More! says

    Can I do this even if I’m finished “The Big one” Gta5 Heist?

  23. Kaylee Keen says

    It worked! Thank you so much!

  24. AndronX says

    Thank you!!

  25. Ahmed Malik says

    Thank you its work for me bcz i done the mission in which we have to go to under water tunnel

  26. Yoram Bracquiné says

    I watched this video so i could go searching for the plane in Alomo Sea, there is a railgun inside.

  27. Craig says

    Thank u

  28. MeBri Edits says

    THE BOAT WAS THERE! Thank you so much!

  29. SkyRim LuvR says

    ! HEY! ..everyone please take note, This WORKS with PS4 only, because my hubby found it on his ps4 but its NOT THERE on my PS3! BUMMER! So those of us with PS3 will have to do the missions that unlock it first.. but thats also part of the fun! Peace&Love y'all!♥♥…

  30. GOTTEM says

    Thank u so much I was so excited when I got it I thought it wouldn’t work but it did yay

  31. Gavin Barr says

    It worked

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