MAKO Spearguns Weight Belts – Rubber vs Nylon, weight belt safety

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For MAKO Spearguns, Brian Pucella, freedive instructor on weight belts and safety:

A lot of people ask me the difference and benefits of using a rubber weight belt over a nylon weight belt.

There’s a lot of good reasons freedivers should use a rubber weight belt.

The first reason being is that it’s going to be a much more comfortable fit. It stretches, it’s gonna just be more comfortable sitting on your hips where it’s supposed to be than a nylon weight belt that seems to cut into your wetsuit.

The second reason is that it’s actually going to stay in place because it’s able to stretch as you dive to depth. It’s going to stay on your hips where it’s supposed to and not have a tendency to fall and come up underneath your arm pits as a nylon weight belt does.

The third reason is that it’s not going to restrict your breathing. Your correct breathing is going to be with your diaphragm, so if you have a nylon weight belt thats tight against your stomach it’s going to really restrict your breathing.

Become familiar with the quick release system of your weight belt. Not only your own weight belt, but also your buddies weight belt.

Study how it works.

Make sure you know how to operate it, then go out and practice it a few times.

If you’re looking for a rubber weight belt, check out:

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  1. Kim Siewers says

    Rubber weight belts are superior also for scuba diving.

  2. Katrina Christie says

    I figured out another reason why a rubber waist belt is better than a nylon belt which is the nylon belt is abrasive to your wetsuit/semi dry suit so you are prolonging the life of your suit.

  3. Kevin Meno says

    Great video!

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